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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Notes from the middle of the night

I don’t want to be asleep any longer. I love living. It’s something that you can’t fake. I know who I am. I know what I believe. And that’s all I need to know. I’m like the alchemist; I can create anything I want to create.  I want the world to be better because I was here. If I’m not making someone else’s experience better-then, why am I here?

Believe it.  Embrace the idea you have, whatever that may be. Our thoughts, feelings, our dreams and ideas are real. Commit to something.

Now it’s alive.  It is real. The patterns in the Universe have shifted the moment the choice was made. Once a decision is made focus with everything you’ve got.

Biophotons communicate in the cells in our body. The power of decision is powerful and achievement will gather around.  If the mind is consciously aware of the source of the field then the thought will be shot forth with tremendous force and accomplishment.  The power of thought depends on where it comes from.

I can read your thoughts.  I can plant my thoughts in your brain.  My dreams are my dreams until they are your dreams.  Read the book, “The Field,” by Lynne McTaggart.  Science has proven since the 50’s that what I am writing is true. I can look at a painting and think of you while you lie there sleeping and you will dream of the painting.  I know when you are going to call. I feel your pain.  I tap into the wealth mind and so it is. This is Universal law.  I sleep with my dog lying next to me. I dream of running with him.  My dream is real and my lifeless body sleeping next to his is connected.  His paws shake and push forward and back, dreaming of running too. Live your life as if we are all one. It’s time. It’s time to wake up to our unified reality. 
This came to me when I was jumping out of a plane.  The moment before I pushed off the solid metal I gazed on the arch of the Earth below and jumped, tumbling into the translucent sea of empty space that screamed my name telling me I was whole. There is but one Earth, one atmosphere, one galaxy, one Universe and one Source.  I plunged into the deep oneness welcoming the utter bliss of being alive. Every cell, red, white, every porous bone, lean tendon, fibrous lungs, flowing follicles, thin lining, and every bit of my humanness shook back to the remembering of my birth when the first cold air sucked in shocking my senses to life. I woke again.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Happiness Package

My husband and I recently carpooled from Weston to Orlando with a young woman we befriended at a wealth building seminar who lives near us.  During the four hour drive she confessed she wanted to be happy.  I was taken back.  She's beautiful, thin, fit, healthy, has two bright sons, has a large home and a new SUV, money saved, a retirement plan, and a high paid professional position with a multi-billion dollar company.

"You're not happy?"

"No. I haven't been happy for a long time.  Is anyone really happy?" she said.
"I'm happy. It actually is my identity. It comes easy for me. I bring it with me. I'm not searching for it." 

"I wish I could say that," she said.

"Then say it."  

She winced and looked at me in the rear-view mirror, it's not that simple."

I smiled at her.  "It is that simple."

"No, I don't think so."

"Thoughts are forces.  Words have meaning.  That meaning is the power in the force of your thought.  You tell yourself over and over, I'm not happy. Why can't I be happy. I'll never be happy.  I wish I was happy and I haven't been happy for a long time. If you want to be happy, start with giving yourself the option to be happy.  Make a conscious choice to be happy.  Once you decide, then you are now happy. It's that simple.  Sift your identity from someone who wants to be happy to someone who identifies with being in a state of happiness."

"It sounds simple and I have tried that but it just never works. I still don't feel happy."

"That's what a lot of people say.  Let me ask you something, what would have to change in your life for you to feel happy?"

"Oh-- everything. I'm a perfectionist and everything has to be in order or I'm never going to be happy." 

"Repeat what you just said and think about it."

"--I'm a perfectionist and everything has to be in order or I'm never going to be happy."

"How do you feel when you hear yourself say you are never going to be happy because you are so intent on being perfect?"

"I feel like I'm stuck in that belief."

"Wonderful.  Many of us, myself included, we get stuck in beliefs that don't serve us. In your case, it's making believe you don't deserve happiness.  You'll never be perfect so you'll never be happy. What do you really believe?"

"I'm an overachiever and if I'm not reaching a goal or setting a new one, I'm not happy and I'm not meeting my goals."

"Interesting. So, being an overachiever in every area of your life is ok, except the area of your own happiness. Why aren't you overachieving in happiness?

"I don't know."

"I know you don't know; but, if you could imagine one of your employees who set unrealistic goals that were unattainable, what would you tell them to do?"

"I'd tell them to set more realistic goals and to step back and reassess their strengths and resources." 

"Can you give yourself permission to take the same advice when it comes to being happy?"

"I never looked at happiness that way. I always thought it was unobtainable.  I set it up so high that it is always just out of reach.  So, happiness is not something I have to earn or strive for?"

"Exactly! You were born happy.  You already are happiness so you can't strive for that which you already possess."

"Who would have known, all this time, I've been carrying happiness with me like an unopened package."


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Age of The Sensitive Man

Splashing in the deep end of the adult water fitness class, I couldn't help but notice a man sitting on the side of the pool holding his infant daughter. She was wearing a pink one piece swim suit and a white floppy hat. I doubted that she was even able to walk yet. Her cherub like legs hung down over the edge of the pool and her tiny toes barely touched the surface of the water. The contrast of the man in his prime with guns that rivaled Mr. Florida holding that tiny human was inspiring. 

One of the men in my class introduced us to his grandson.  He’s a handsome young man around fifteen.  My British swim mate commented that he was dishy.   He was- dishy but, what was even better was the fact that a fifteen year old would partake in a water fitness class with his seventy-something Granddad.  As touching as the man with his baby girl sitting by the side of the pool, the grandson and grandfather partnering during water exercises was equally as precious.  It’s not something you see every day. 
Which got me thinking-Are Men's roles changing? It seems they are.  More and more Dads are staying home to care for smaller children, working from home, working less hours, taking more vacation and connecting to what’s really important.  Even with all the constant media hounding them to swim with the sharks, run with the big dogs,  and to buy bigger better, and faster they’re not- at least not all of them. They seem to have come into their own as men and have embraced their ability- their nature to nurture.  It’s a beautiful thing.    There has been a shift to the Age Of The Sensitive Man.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Clean Up Your Air in 24 Hours

What's the First Thing You Can Do to Improve Air Quality in
Your Home or Office?

Living closer to nature may actually even help increase your quality of life.  It was NASA, along with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA), that conducted a classic study on the benefits of plants on indoor air.  NASA reported that houseplants were able to reduce up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. They recommended using 15 to 18 'good-sized' houseplants in 6 to 8-inch diameter containers for an 1800 square-foot house.  And not just any house plants will do… here's a list of the top 10 anti-pollutant plants rated best by The New…

1.      The Feston Rose plant

2.      Devil's Ivy

3.      Phalaenopsis

4.      English Ivy

5.      Parlor Ivy

6.      African Violets

7.      Christmas Cactus

8.      Yellow Goddess

9.      Garlic Vine

10.  Peace Lily

NASA, at the Stennis Space Center, also constructed what they called a BioHome, which incorporated bioregenerative technology with the ultimate goal of providing a life support system for permanent human habitation in space.  And inside the BioHome structure are common houseplants, which NASA says act as living air purifiers to absorb as much chemical pollutants as possible from synthetic materials in the living area.  If houseplants are capable of cleansing the air in the BioHome, imagine what they could do in your home! Source:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rule Breakers

It wasn’t a lazy morning at the outdoor Olympic sized pool. We worked every muscle, even the ones in our mouth. The first hour was deep water abs, hamstrings, triceps and biceps – pure Hell hour. By the end of the second hour we had digressed to working another muscle, the one that allows the tongue to wag. A group of women ranging in age from 40-60 were talking about a girl’s weekend trip to NYC to take in some shows.

“We can use our student ID’s and get in for $30,” she said.

“What student ID’s?”

“The kids make them, it’s easy to get them-fake ones,” she said.

That’s when I said, “Wow.”

“You are so American,” she said.

“I would never think of that. I’m amazed.”

Seeing my surprise at the devilish yet simply brilliant idea another woman spoke up. Here’s what she said, “We- a group of people I worked with made fake ID’s and got all the way to the vehicle staging station during the first shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral.”

The hinge on my mouth couldn’t have dropped any further.

“What? Seriously? Wholly shit! You have a ballsy and beautiful mind. Did you put a real company name on the ID badge?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, we did our research. We found out who designed the rocket boosters and we even got in two days- because the launch didn’t happen the first day.
"Oh my God."
"We had official looking stamps and everything. One of the guys didn’t have a good photo so he cut out a picture of a guy in a tux from a magazine ad and used that for his badge.”

We were hysterical. I wanted to know if she still had the guts to pull something like that off.

“Did you go to the last launch?”

“Nah, we just watched it on TV. It would be too hard to do that today with the increased security post 911 and all.” Oh how I wanted her to nonchalantly say, "Sure, we used the old passes.”

I know I probably shouldn’t because I’m so American and all but I kind of admire their rule breaking ways.

Friday, June 17, 2011

You Never Know Who You're Going to Meet

Lately, I've been enrolling seniors on Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans offered through AARP by UnitedHealthcare.  Last week I met a powerhouse named Isaac Stavisky. There was something special about him and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  I did a little digging.  Here's what President Ronald Reagan had to say about him in a speech to B’nai B’rith in 1984.

In July of 1983 it was my privilege to meet a brave refugee from Nicaragua, Isaac Stavisky. He told me about the 50 Jewish families who had emigrated to Nicaragua from Eastern Europe since the 1920′s, and about the tragedy that befell them. But let me read you Isaac’s own words:

“Nicaraguan Jews never encountered anti-Semitism until the Sandinistas started their revolution . . . Graffiti by Sandinistas was widespread, with attacks on Jews and their religion. One was, `Death to the Jewish pigs.’ In 1978 the Sandinistas sent a strong message to the entire community when the synagogue was attacked by five Sandinistas wearing face handkerchiefs. They set the building on fire by throwing gasoline in the main entrance doors, shouting PLO victory slogans and anti-Jewish defamatory language . . . Once the Sandinistas came to power . . . they moved swiftly against Jews. Jewish-owned properties were among the first to be confiscated and Jews were forced into exile.”  Permit me to add that on the first anniversary of the Sandinista revolution, Yasser Arafat visited Nicaragua and spoke these words: “What the Nicaraguan people did in Nicaragua will be done by the Palestinians.”

Today, Mr Stavisky travels to Nicaragua once a month to oversee his successful import export company. The more seniors I meet, the more privileged I feel.  They all have a deep passion for their causes, whether it's raising money for the local YMCA learn to swim program, running a company, writing that first novel, or mentoring at their place of worship.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Watch Me

Swimming is heavenly, eventually. For a land lover it’s not easy. It’s a challenge to push muscles that have been used for rollerblading, running, walking, and weight bearing exercises. Trying to breathe with all that water is no fun and the simple act of finding a rhythm can be frustratingly difficult. I was not a swimmer and one day I decided I needed more cardio so I took the plunge. 

“Easy for you- you're a jock,” you’re thinking.

“No, not true. I hated it. That’s it- this sucks. My goggles are fogged. Now they're leaking. They’re so tight that my eye sockets are killing me. I’ve got water up my nose and it’s burning like hell. I’ve swallowed enough of the pool for a brilliant intestinal cleanse. I can’t do this,” is what I said for the first month. Why in Gods name did I continue the torture? I wasn’t alone. Swimming in the next lane was a silent and patient friend. When I complained she said nothing and just kept swimming. Then something miraculous happened, I gave it a chance.

My friend's quiet approach worked. It was really interesting because in her group class she has an overdeveloped set of lungs and a big mouth.. Swimming her laps next to me, she never gave me instruction or pushed me-ever. The only thing she would say is, “Watch me.”

Her style is graceful and strong. Her energy is transmitted in the water and it's calming. With her silent encouragement, I kept showing up to swim. Day's turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. She made me feel safe and not alone. There’s a oneness with the water, and there’s a connection to the vibration and the thoughts transmitted through it. That sounds hokey; but, there’s something in the vibe of the water. I will be forever grateful to her. Not only did she show me how to swim, she showed me a glimpse of heaven. Thank you my dear friend. I am deeply grateful for your kindness.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Some Things We Could All Learn From Blue Jays

Persistence  – They come back looking for what sustains them every day even when nothing was there the day before.
Balanced allocation of resources  – They first put away some of the new found resources before eating any.
Focus – They are not concerned with what others in the vicinity are doing.  It doesn’t matter to them if other birds are in the same tree (even when the others  are fighting amongst themselves).  They  just go about the task of finding what sustains them.
Loyalty – Usually they will have a mate that they travel with.  When one finds food, it calls out to the other to come share the treasure J
I have made the above observations over a period of 5 years. I have been blessed to observe these beautiful creatures  from my back yard almost every day.  I discovered that they love to eat raw peanuts.  So, whenever I see them on the trees in my back yard, I go out there and spread some peanuts for them to enjoy.  I just love watching them. I feel very blessed to share this special connection with them.
Thank you for the wisdom you teach dear ones  :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Doorway

The Love of God desires to find you and help you as much as you desire to find the Love of God in every aspect of your life.

You have everything that you need at this very moment to create "your" heaven on earth.

You don't need to be prettier. You don't need to be more handsome. You don't need to be taller or shorter, stronger or skinnier. Have blue eyes or brown eyes. You don't have to be smarter ... or be without sin ... for what is sin? It's just a false thought.

You have everything that you need right now to create your heaven on earth.

Open your heart, open your mind to the possibility that it can happen, that it is true because that is where it starts. That is the beginning. Hold onto the feeling. Don't let it go. Engrave it in your memory.

What would it be like if you were good enough at this very moment without having to change one thing? What if you were good enough to create your heaven on earth?

What if? - That question is a doorway. That creates a doorway and when you step through that doorway the Universe is on the other side, waiting to bring you everything you need.

God wants you to have everything that you desire.

God wants to find you as much as you want to find God.

Peace, Love, Joy, Health, Fulfillment ... They want to find you as much as you want to find them.

Open the door .....

And So It Is.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Each morning we wake to a low hum, that drives us.  The hum is felt in the belly, the heart and in our head. It's the connection to “it.” When you are in tune with the infinite life force, you are in the flow of all creation.  Creativity, inspiration, balance, love, and connection come without effort.  There are more of you than you can imagine-the connected ones.  I implore you to take action in the direction of your dreams. Do it now.     

Monday, May 16, 2011

She Has Moxie and He Has Grit

Dottie, Don and Crabby Cakes
Just as the sun came up over the ficus hedge at the Olympic size pool, Crabby Cakes was bellowing to her water fitness junkies.

“Engage your hamstrings!” Her booming voice found its way to Don who was chatting in the deep end.

“I’m afraid my hamstrings are already in a committed relationship,” he countered.

From the side of the pool deck she shrieked. “Don’t you dare try that! I know for a fact, the only relationship your hamstrings are committed to is with the couch!”

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

Before the sun came up over the hedge at the Weston, Florida “Y” pool I learned:

1. Water hides a multitude of sins. Let’s just leave it at that.

2. You can swim from the day you’re born to the day you die.

3. An old dog can learn new tricks!

Monday, April 18, 2011

"What if "it" was an observer watching us and they knew that we didn't know we were in charge?"

Driving home my husband and I went the scenic route and after stopping for lunch I read the first few pages of what I had written in my journal while I was waiting for him to finish his appointment:

I want people to get "it" and to think about "it"and to find their own understanding of "it".  For example, do you get the whole concept of "it", I said. 
"Yes.  The reason you can call a tree a tree is because your brain uses the electrons and energy waves and goes and finds the memory as well as the label and then you say, tree," he said.
"Yes, but I want to talk about where that energy comes from that tells the tree to grow? I know, water pushes up and soil gives nutrients, the sun and the air and the elements all help it grow.  There is something behind that.  What if all of a sudden there was no it?  It would be like the plug was pulled on the TV in the middle of a movie. Everything would end.  Nothing would exist," I said.
"Ah, there would be no it," he said.
"But, it can never end. It can not die," I said.
"We have the belief that energy can neither be created or destroyed. So do you believe it is energy?" he said.
"It's something else," I said.
"Maybe it is an observer," I said.
"Like us watching that TV?"
"It can't just be an observer. It's definitely energy," he said.
"When we talk about energy there is no life or death.  It exists or it does not. It is the observer and the observed because it is everything and it is behind everything to an infinite degree," I said. 
"What if "it" was an observer watching us and they knew that we didn't know we were in charge?" I said. 
"Like a dream where the dreamer realizes that he is dreaming and redirects the dream," he said.

Tag! You're it.

I looked at that palm waiving at me and it seemed to say,
"Tag! You're it."
I am it?  I am it. 
It allows this body to see that palm tree.
It allows the mind to remember to call it a palm tree.
It allows the mind to ask, "Where did I go to find that memory to know it is called a palm tree?"
It is behind all it is. 
It is all.
It is behind my thoughts, my emotions, my actions and everything about me.
I am nothing without it.
It has no start.
It has no end.
It is everywhere, everyone, and everything.
The it in that tree is the "it" in me.
Zap one day my body is gone.
The "it" of me is still there even though my body is dust.
It is all things. 
Tag! You're it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Law Four: Just Have Faith

If you are willing to live by the laws, they will never fail you.  Just have faith. 

Law Three: Just Stay There

Remember the place you came from; yes, the place you say you can't remember.  You can remember. Live every moment from that place. You are connected again to the Infinite Power of the Universe and you are in tune.  Now just stay there. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Law Two: Just Plug into It

Acknowledging the Supreme Power of the Universe is the start. The moment you plug into the source, peace and optimism will fill you. Focus on complete oneness with the Power and less on what you desire. When you are one with the source, there is no room for doubt or fear. Anyone can do it. You have everything you need to just plug into it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Law One: Just Know It

Any power that is possible to one human soul is possible to another. The moment the mind grasps the fact that anything is possible, limitations that were once stumbling blocks will vanish. The path will be clear and success is inevitable.  Know that your nature is to be happy.  It's your life and your right to have a magical, abundant, healthy experience with connection and love.  There is no other way.  Just know it. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three Things I Learned Before the Sun Came over the Ficus Hedge

1. You gotta have faith
2. Rain hitting the surface of the water looks neat and it's cold
3. The pool is special. It's a huge happy spot- not just where the vents blow bubbles on our tushies.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Things I Learned Before the Sun Came up Over the Ficus Hedge

1. The proper way to wear a rash guard is skin tight. 
A few years ago Ellie who was probably born under the Roosevelt administration, was new to the adult swim group.  She noticed several of the attendees wore long sleeved shirts in the water.  Her question was logical  and it most definitely had a logical answer. "Excuse me dear, where do I find those shirts everybody's wearing and what size do you think I'll need?" she said to Terri the instructor. Ellie waited in the water next to the twenty other people she had just met.  Terri bellowed, "Go to Ron Jon and tell the sales clerk that you need a rash guard and tell her it needs to fit like a condom.  She'll tell you what size you need."
2. New people to the class don't get special treatment. 
3. The more often you attend the morning water class, the more your personal flotation device will shrink and your rash guard will stretch out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three Things I Learned Before the Sun Came up Over the Ficus Hedge

1. In S.Fla. When the weatherman says there's a 40% chance of rain, he's low balling it-it's going to rain.
2. That rain will not come early in the morning.  The air needs to heat up inorder for it to rain. 
3. Men who wear tool belts are more popular than the average male.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three things I learned in Adult Swim this morning

B & B is not bed and breakfast it's butts and boobs.- Terri  ;-)

Gay men use more Botox than any other demographic- Ellie

When exercising, if you can’t touch your feet don't worry, just grab your balls.-Terri to Don

Drum roll please- Hans to my daughter Tori, "You don't need to go to grad school.  We can teach you everything you'll ever need to know.- Spoken like a Senior Scholar.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gin Soaked

A year ago Doris was in the beauty parlor where she overheard the conversation of a much older woman talking to another woman.  "The recipe?  Oh, you take golden raisins, put them in a jar, cover them with gin and screw the lid on. Put them in the refrigerator and let them absorb the gin for about a week."
Doris the eternal lady kept quiet and waited to hear the rest of the conversation. The senior continued, "Every day for the rest of your life, down a teaspoon full in the morning. Your arthritis will be a thing of the past."

Doris sat wide eyed and made a mental note to purchase golden raisins and gin on her way home.

                                                  *          *          *          *          *          *

The other day in the pool my favorite wet people who are old enough to have arthritis brought up the subject of raisins, vodka, gin and rum. I don't remember what we were talking about that brought us to that topic. Maybe it was the conversation about Ellie's raised potassium levels.  There's a load of potassium in raisins. "Ellie eats too many raisins," someone said. Then the conversation naturally turned to vodka and raisins.   They all knew about the recipe; but, most heard the concoction was a mix of raisins and vodka or rum.

Deficiency of potassium:
"A deficiency may result in fatigue, cramping legs, muscle weakness, slow reflexes, acne, dry skin, mood changes, irregular heartbeat." -

The big question is, does it really cure arthritis pain?  "Some think it's the raisins. As stated in the Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook on Mother, "If you benefit from gin-steeped raisins, the raisins probably do you more good than the gin. Grapes and raisins contain many pain relieving, anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory chemicals."-

DISCLAIMER:  Never begin any new treatment without first consulting your doctor. If you are considering this remedy, you should discuss it with your doctor. There could be negative interactions with your current treatment. As a guideline, when home remedies are considered, they should be "in addition to" rather than "instead of" current medical treatment.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My little revolution started while I was in the midst of a sugar high. I already inhaled an entire box of Boston baked beans and I was working on a bar of white chocolate.  While driving to Miami in my jeep with the top down, I looked at the stand still traffic in the opposite direction on the Turnpike and laughed. I held my arm up high and waved good bye to those frustrated souls. Many a day I’d been stuck in the worst Miami traffic; but, not today. Today, I was zooming just not fast enough for some people.

A U-haul truck came up tight on my bumper and flashed his lights for me to move over. He was on a mission and wanted me out of his way. I moved to the right lane. As he passed, he slowed down to take a look at me, the putz who didn’t move over fast enough. I turned toward him and in Miami style I put up that finger- the middle one. Then, my eyes locked on the eyes of the man in the passenger seat and my pointer finger popped up next to my middle finger. The passenger in the truck smiled and gave me his two fingers. I mouthed the words, “peace man.” He smiled. The sugar high kicked in and nothing could stop me.

A mini cooper passed next with the convertible top down. A young woman with a big pony tail and extra large dark shaded sun glasses turned her face toward me. I flashed her the peace sign. Her teeth were bright white and her smile made me happy. I followed her into the fast lane and soon I came up next to a garbage truck. I held my hand up over the top of my jeep and I gave him the sign. He smiled and laid on his horn.

When I arrived at my destination, I tuned out the person leading the meeting. My thoughts drifted to the road and about starting something. What if road rage was a thing of the past? What if flashing the peace sign was the cool thing to do?

Three hours later when the meeting ended “Sugar Sugar” played on the radio and I was back on the road flashing the peace sign to everyone. On a side street I slowed down raised my hand high, smiled and gave the peace sign to an older man riding a horse. He yelled, “Peace!” Then he smiled and I could see he was laughing. He made me laugh too. Give it a try. Give people a little sweetness. It’s what we're all craving.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chocolate is adictive and this is why

This morning during our walk, my neighbor Lori and I were talking about cravings. The only thing I want is chocolate and a cinnamon roll from Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead Florida but that’s for another blog post.

Lori said, “There must be something in chocolate that you’re not getting in your normal diet.” So, I wondered what it was. I decided to do a little research on what the heck is in chocolate besides the obvious because I am completely adicted to it.  Here's what I found out.
Dark chocolate contains the following mood altering compounds:

1. Caffeine – Naw, there is plenty of caffeine in my daily pot of Java.

2. Cannabinoids- A chemical that closely resembles the stuff in marijuana. It makes one feel euphoric and relaxed. Euphoria is good. Ding!

3. Phenylethylanine- A hallucinogen with properties similar to amphetamines (which are highly addictive) that produce feelings of mental alertness and wellbeing. Ding- Ding!

4. Flavonoids- Which are suppose to contribute to a healthy heart. They decrease cholesterol build-up in blood vessels and reduce the risk of blood clots.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Review of K2 Alexis BOA Womens Inline Skates 2011

Originally submitted at Inline Skates

K2's Alexis Boa Inline Skate, featuring Comfort Technology, now offers the revolutionary BOA reel lacing system that gives you a dialed in fit resulting in a higher level of comfort, ease and most importantly, performance. Paired with Softboot Technology which provides you with the precision an...

Ex Compeitive Figure Skater Love's Them

By Rockin Robyn from South Florida on 12/9/2010


5out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Width: Feels true to width

Pros: Stylish Design, Fast, Supports Ankle, Lightweight, Comfortable Fit

Best Uses: Street

Describe Yourself: Aggressive Street Skater

Was this a gift?: No

I skate in an outdoor rink as well as on the street with these. They work fine for this 50 something. They are easy to put on and take off and not having to deal with laces is a plus. For the price you can't go wrong with these skates.


Friday, November 5, 2010

You Don't Own a Border Collie They Own You

     Several years ago when I met Emma, there was and eerie telepathic communication that went between us. We walked together and she looked at me with eyes that were full of brilliant desire to communicate. It was startling and a little freaky. She was determined and intense about making me understand what she wanted. When she and I arrived at her house I told her humans, "If you ever breed her, I have to have one of her puppies." A year later, Emma had puppies and we were gifted one of her sons, named Buddha. 
     Immediately, I called my Uncle living on a large piece of property in Colorado and told him that my husband and I were new owners of a Border Collie. My uncle had Border Collies in the past and he said, “You don’t own a Border Collie, they own you.” He added, “They are the smartest breed, smarter than a 4 year old. Heck, the guy down the road has one that has a 500 word vocabulary and he couldn’t run his ranch without him. You best keep him busy and I don’t just mean physically, I mean mentally.”
     His words didn’t fall on deaf ears. I keep Buddha busy or, shall I say, he keeps me busy. Right now there is a crisp cool air in South Florida and it’s too cool for Floridians to visit the outdoor water parks. The next few weekends the water parks are open just for dogs. Buddha, his mom Emma, and the rest of her pups went together last year and it was Border Collie heaven! 
     That brings me to an email I received today from my neighbor, dear friend and Emma’s female human. She and her husband have two dogs, Emma and Bailey one of Emma’s puppies. The email was about taking the dogs to the water park. She was going to take Bailey but leave Emma home. Emma had to stay home because of “female” issues. It was right to leave Emma home. It’s just not smart to take a bitch on her period to a water park, four legged or two.
     Then she sent another email stating that she was sorry; but, she couldn’t go to the water park at all.  Her husband felt that it would not be fair to Emma if the other dog got to go to the water park. If Emma was left at home, she would know that the other dog went to the water park.
     Like my Uncle said, “You don’t own a Border Collie, they own you.” It sounds crazy to think about how one dog would feel if she had to stay home and her pup got to go play at a water park. It's also crazy that these dogs are treated better than most humans; but, if you ever get a chance to spend any time with this deeply intense breed really look into their penetrating eyes.  You’ll get a glimpse of something amazing and perhaps you'll see why the humans that hang out with them care so much.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Passion and Prostate

It was early, the sun had not come up over the chain link fence yet and the pool mates at the local Y were in the pool jogging. Don plowed through the water in the deep end talking to Hans about matters of the prostate and to my right two women were talking about passion.

Ok baby face, before you wrinkle your nose and let the milk from your morning breakfast cereal start to come back up in disgust, get over it; health and passion top the list of hot senior topics. Seniors have a lot on their plate and they need to be healthy for all those passions. You read "passion" and thought sex, right? They are thinking about, talking about, and yes, having sex; the latter has been  inferred at the pool.

The passions your parents and grandparents are talking about are post retirement dreams.
Stan of Naples Florida is 65 and a ball boy in tennis tournaments, Bill, 87, has the record as the oldest man to reach the summit of Mount Rainier. He climbed the peak at ages 81, 82, 83, and 84. Seniors are excelling in golf, tennis, biking, skiing, swimming, running, body building and weight lifting.

Where they really get juiced is volunteering. Our communities would crumble with out their passion. You’ll find them in leadership positions, teaching, at the library, in our churches, driving school buses and mentoring the next generation. The pressure is off and seniors are following their bliss starting new careers, earning new degrees and starting new business ventures. It's never too late to get passionate. It’s kind of sexy don’t you think?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Moses Code For Buddha

Original post 2008- It's worth reading again.

This weekend I took a workshop led by James Twyman, the author of the Moses Code. I highly recommend the book, the movie and the CD. One of the tracks of the CD has a frequency meditation based on a numerical value of the name of God. Not the word God but the name of God.
When author, James Twyman played the CD in the small conference room, the energy shifted. You can call me goofy or Pollyanna... or you can just get a copy of it and listen to the Moses Code Meditation track. We had all just come in when he asked us to close our eyes and feel the energy in the room. What I heard was someone switching an old radio dial....interference and noise. Then he played the Moses Code Meditation track, just part of it. When he turned it off he asked us again to feel the energy in the room. What I heard was a hum, a pink and purple rainbow hum. Back to my earlier comment when I said you may call me goofy, yes, I heard colors... I liked it so much that I bought the CD.

Today, I was in my office and it was becoming nearer and nearer to the Buddha-pest hour. Buddha is our 13 week old puppy. He gets completely wired at a certain time in the evening. I decided to try a little experiment. I played the CD for him. He stood in a trance and dropped his squeaky toy. It was as if gravity was stronger than usual; the rubber duck hit the floor with a thud that didn't startle Buddha. He stood mesmerized, tilted his head and laid down on the floor quietly as if he had entered a sacred place and knew not to make a sound.

He is all about energy. He gets it. I guess his response was nothing different than the reports of primates responding to symphony music; but, we are talking about a 13 week old puppy with endless energy. This was nothing short of amazing. I'm going to try it again tomorrow when he is in his peak state once again.

About the Moses Code, the CD casing reads, "In the Appendix to the book, The Moses Code, author and sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman shares an amazing discovery he made while working with James Twyman. Now for the first time, an ancient form of Kabbalistic numerology called Gematria is being combined with the name of God that was given to Moses at the burning bush: I AM THAT I AM. These are frequencies that have never been made public before, and they unlock the power of the Moses Code in profound ways." Yes, profound is a great word to describe this vibrational frequency.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


"My name is Pearla."
"Pearla, what and interesting name," I said.
"I was named after my family. Pe- for Pedro my brother, Ar- for Armando my other brother, L for Luciana my mother and A- for my dad Allesandro. I wish my name was Liz; but, no one has a first name starting with the letter I or Z in my family. I like the name Liz, like the woman in Eat Pray Love.  I am just like her except, I have two daughters. I love my dark chocolate and my white chocolate. I have a picture, look."
She picked up her cell phone and showed me and image. "The dark one, she's ten. Her name's Julianna and the white one, she's only six months old. Her name is Maria.
"Adorable," I said.
"I love them so much." Pearla smooched the photo on her phone. She picked up my right hand and started rubbing off the nail polish.  She continued talking. "I don't love the man I'm with, Maria's father."
"That's incredible," I said looking at her and watching as she took the polish off of my other hand.
"It really isn't. Most women and men living together don't love each other," she said.
"No, it's incredible that you are so honest with your feelings," I said.
"Are you married?"
"Several times," I said and laughed.
"Do you love your husband?"
"Yes, I do," I said looking into her eyes. Pearla wanted to believe me. She so desperately wanted to believe in love. She had finished filing the nails on one hand and motioned for me to give her my other hand.
"What about Juliana's father?" I asked.
"He lives in Columbia and I will always love him," she said.
"We met in Columbia. He went to high school down the street from my school. He was dating someone else at the same time we were dating. She is still very pretty. We're friends on Facebook," she said. Pearla picked up her cell phone and showed me a picture of the woman on Facebook. She was on the beach in a bikini and a base ball cap. "She's ok. You're prettier," I said and I meant it.
"I think she's beautiful. Pepe had a son with her three years before our daughter was born. I didn't find out until last year.
"Why did you divorce if you don't mind me asking," I said.
"I don't mind. When I first came to Miami my mother and one brother were here. I got a job working as a clerk and then my husband came. I got a job for him working at Wendys. He always went out late with the guys and it was rough on me. We already had our daughter and we were living with my mother. He was never home and he didn't make any money. He never tried to make anything of himself; so, I had enough.
"I get it," I said. She finished filing buffing and rubbing my hands with lotion and put one of my hands into a bowl of warm water that had smooth blue stones in the bottom. "Did you have your second child with the man you are with now because he wanted a baby?"
"I'm 35 and I wanted another baby. In the beginning, I had feelings for Maria's father; but, now I don't. We fight alot." She took my hand out of the water, dried if off and put my other hand in the bowl. "I have a question for you," she said. "Why do you love your husband?"
The first thing that came to my mind was, "Because he loves and respects me."
Pearla was surprised at my answer and she waited a few minutes before she responded.
"There is one man that I have loved all my life and I have a great deal of respect for him and he loves and shows me respect- that's my father. He's Italian. I would do anything for my father," she said.
I smiled at Pearla and she smiled at me. She looked relieved and her eyes had filled with tears. 
"Thank you. I forgot, I am loved," she said.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

“It’s a beautiful morning,” Dorothy said.
“Perfect-really,” Dottie said.
They were chatting as they usually do and making small waves in the deep end of the pool in the early morning adult swim class.

“I do miss our life guard Chase don’t you?” Dottie said looking up at the empty life guard chair.
Dorothy looked toward the chair. “Yes, he was a nice young man and so pleasant. I wonder why we don’t have a life guard anymore? We certainly need one more than those few people swimming laps,” she said surveying the rest of the pool.

Another woman had just returned from Lake Michigan where the morning temperature had already dipped into the 50’s. “Ah, I’ll take this sunny clear blue sky any day,” she said. “The water is nice and warm this morning too,” Dottie said.

As the class drew to a close, the ladies noticed a life guard taking his place up on his chair. “Oh my! Well, he’s not Chase now is he?” Dorothy said and looked at Dottie. Her brow was wrinkled and her lips were tight making a frown. Robyn looked at the life guard and chuckled to herself. He was tall, thin, and had messy wind blown hair that was too long for a man of his age; his skin was tan, hanging, and wrinkled.
“You better be careful what you wish for,” she said.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Positive Spin

     Bad things don't happen to me; but, when itching, pain, burning, body aches, nausea, and head aches continue to linger from a spider bite; I wonder.  In the spirit of positivity, I decided to rally and spin some light on the event. According to Louise Hay, "Spiders carry creation energy, a perfect metaphor for spring, when we blossom anew from marrow."  My bite is on the lower jaw, under my chin.  Could it be a message to take it on the chin? Is there something creative I need to chew on? Yes, yes indeed.

     Maybe the bite was a direct message from the Universe.  At a totem website I found, "The bite of a poisonous spider symbolizes a death/rebirth process. Poison enters the nervous system and the body either transmutes it or falls victim to its venom and dies." There will be no dying here, not in the literal sense anyway. Where am I dying and being reborn in my life I wonder?

     Shamanic teacher Nicki Scully, writes, "Spiders communicate with one another by plucking on different strands of their webs, which set up vibrations that are seen, felt and heard throughout the universe. The slightest vibration registers across the web. All information is shared — endlessly." There is an infinite sea of energy, tap into it and let your creative juices flow like venom.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today Is The Day

I was sitting on the top of the grassy hill near a dried up watering hole watching what I thought was the most beautiful sunrise spill out into the morning sky. It was a brilliant show of red and orange hues that laced through puffs of grey and white clouds. The sky called to me, "move forward come" it seemed to say. Even though I had rested for awhile, I was still dead tired. So, there I sat on the side of South Post Road watching the sun break over the trees and then it dawned on me today is the day I will die. I felt it.

It was time to lift up my size 14 body, (that’s in inches), and get moving. Eight summer seasons ago, I was born a male soft shelled turtle and today will be my last. There was a time when I could inflict a serious bite with my powerful jaws, and sharp jaw sheath. My neck is built to extend, twist, and chomp. I also have well-developed webbing on each foot. I was lightning fast in the water and also on land.

Sitting on that hill looking down at the gray, hot, hard sea below me filled with huge flying heavy predators, I saw my way out. Pushing the tall vegetation aside I moved fast; but, I savored each blade of grass rushing past my leathery underbelly. I treasured the energy vibrating from the Earth beneath my feet and the hot morning sun beating down on my shell. I arrived at the threshold of the hard gray sea and took one step, another, and then another. My head and feet retracted inside the protection of my shell and I lowered my body down on the flat burning sea. I waited for death to take me.

Something happened that has never happened, ever. A large predator attacked me from above. They did not pinch, scrape, claw or bite. They came at each side of my shell behind my two front legs using soft pressure to lift me in the air. I was flying! I waved my legs and extended my toe nails trying to kick them off. They let out a shriek, released me and I plunged fast to the ground. The soft thick grass cushioned my fall and before I could retaliate, I was lifted again. I tucked in my head and legs keeping completely still. No sooner than I felt my body temperature dropping, my belly touched down on the grass and I was released. The scent of snails, insects, lizards, and fish as well as algae and aquatic plants was on the wind. I ran as fast as I could toward that smell, the smell of renewal. The smell of a new day was waiting for me. I was alive!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

If living in Florida is so dangerous, then why have so many of us migrated  here?               

It's no secret, Mother Nature's tough on the sunny state inhabitants. For starters, six months out of the year there are threats of hurricanes. This season is supposed to be one of the worst; Floridians had an unusual long cold winter followed up by a sudden heat wave.  The ocean water is warmer and storms are predicted to be on the rise. There is plenty of rain in Florida. The heavy storm down pours flood most streets around rush hour. That’s always fun. Not! Those same storm cells also hurl thunderbolts.

Lightning sirens at parks, schools and most outdoor recreation areas sound off telling everyone to seek shelter and there’s a good reason for that. “Waiting to see or hear the first stroke of lightning means that you’ve been at risk of a direct lightning strike for 30 minutes or more already.” One night the local news posted over 6,000 strikes in the tri-county area.

“A stroke of lightning discharges up to several hundred million volts of electricity and produces a current up to several hundred thousand amperes. In an average lightning stroke there are 30,000 amperes. By way of comparison, 240 volts and a current of 1 ampere flow through a 100-watt light bulb.” Yikes!

What about the critters? They were here first and I’m not referring to the Seminole Indians. Florida has its share of bugs and beasts. The humid hot temperatures make Florida the perfect breading ground for fleas, fire ants, gross cockroaches and man pinching water bugs. There are snakes, alligators, huge snapping turtles, black bears, panthers, and sharks!

“Florida beaches have produced the greatest amounts of unprovoked shark attacks.” “Though part of the reason that attacks happen more frequently during the spring and summer months have less to do with the people using the beaches than of sharks coming into shallow water to give birth.

With hurricanes, rush hour rain, flooding, lightning bolts, bugs, beasts, and (I would be remiss if I didn't mention the horrid oil spill), why do so many come legally and illegally each year? Why do so many people stay?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Glide

Like most of the folks that have been attending the YMCA water class for several years, Louise never imagined that she would still be a regular three years later. What was it that moved her to show up every morning? Was it the fact that she had become the teacher’s pet? Perhaps it was the camaraderie? Maybe it was the handsome lifeguards? Was it something else? Could it be as simple as the glide?

“We deserved this. We deserved this. We deserved this. We deserved this.” Louise chanted as she floated on her belly holding her water weights with ease on top of the water. She passed us going the opposite direction with her arms and legs out stretched relaxed. She was doing what our instructor calls, “The Glide.” Louise’s voice was deep and sounded relieved like someone sounds after they have just woken up or were in the throws of an endorphin rush. “Endorphins are released during long, continuous workouts, when the level of intensity is between moderate and high, and breathing is difficult”.

She had been pumping her arm weights and ankle weights for nearly two hours. The strenuousness of the last exercise pushed her over her comfort threshold leaving her body flooded with pain easing endorphins. In her case, definitely, these were sighs of relief.

When the Terri the instructor screams, “GLIDE!” the pool mates look like kids being told it’s time for recess. Even if the mate had been doing the exercises in their sleep, or if they had been working hard groaning and grunting they seem to find herculean strength when they hear the word "glide".
They sprint to the side of the pool, grab their arm weights, find some open water, fall forward on the surface of the water and glide. It's Nirvana, a state of being free from suffering. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To be Twenty Again

She mouthed the words, "Oh my God!”

Earlier in the ladies locker room the Brit, Dorothy stood in her black rubber water shoes and her conservative multi-colored one piece bathing suit.

“I have this visor but I just hate the way it feels on my head. I’m not sure why I need it exactly?”

Raising from the bench another woman moved next to Dorothy and looked at their aging reflections in the mirror.

“Wear it. It will keep the sun off your fore head. You will thank me later.”

In the pool surrounded by deep water and suffocated by a floatation belt, the added pressure of the black visor on Dorothy’s head was unbearable. Sloshing to the edge she took off the visor and left it there.

An hour later bare chested, ripped, tan, life guards were in the pool moving the lane lines. Dorothy smiled to herself, “What a delightful treat.” She felt good all over. She even forgot for a moment about the tighter than tight blue Styrofoam waist belt and the shouts from her instructor, “Hold your legs out of the water Dorothy! Let go of the wall Dorothy!” Her face was flushed and she thought she may even break a sweat. “Ok, hang your legs down in the water, roll the water weights in front of you and find a spot!” Dorothy had completely forgotten about the warm early morning sun, the deep water, her sore arms and legs. Her mind drifted to her house and the areas she missed cleaning. There is one more drawer that needs straightening she thought.

She hadn’t noticed when the tanned, half naked, muscular, jet black haired, twenty something, lifeguard stood solo on the side of the pool with his right chiseled arm stretching up holding her black visor high over his head. He yelled, “Did anyone leave this by the side of the pool?”

For that moment, all the women wanted to be twenty again. Dorothy turned to her left and looking over her bare shoulder her eyes locked on the young man, “Mr. June" who was smiling directly at her and looking splendid.

“Ah, yes! It’s mine. Thank you so much. You’re a star!”

Turning her head to the rest of the pool mates Dorothy wondered if they could possibly feel what she was feeling. She imagined sinking and letting go in a deep blue pool of bliss. The tight lines around her eyes and mouth relaxed and for an instant, she felt twenty again.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What If?

What if the what ifs come true when we focus on the what ifs we don't want?

What we think of most will be.
A boy believed he would not pass math and then he would have to go to summer school.
He believed that he would most likely flunk middle school and not make it to high school.
He did not flunk math.
He was told by the school counselor that he passed all his classes.
He was told to celebrate. He did not.
Disbelief was in his eyes.
The last day of school he skipped and did not take a final exam.
Because he chose to skip, the school would not allow him to take the exam and they did not pass him.
Self fulfilling failure. Yes!
What power!
"A" students have the same power. They believe and they get what they believe.
Indeed, the optimist is right and the pessimist is right.

Friday, June 4, 2010

People are Funny

Yesterday, driving back from the Miami Airport with my in-laws, my Father-in-Law, aka Mother Teresa in pants looked at the phone my husband had just picked up to receive a business call and asked, “Is that a blueberry?” I couldn’t make eye contact with him when I answered, “It’s an IPhone.” Smiling I thought to myself, he’s just so adorable-blueberry, blackberry he was close.

Today in the local pool one of my favorite older ladies who’s husband just passed away watched as one of the swim coaches walked by with a large gray rectangle shaped box and asked, “Why does she bring that heater to the pool?’ Again, I found myself smiling. I thought, it does look like a heater; but, it’s a time clock. One of the other ladies in our water class filled her in.

Then there is my Mom. She can not say the word “Fajita” to save her soul. She’ll proudly say, “Let’s have Fra-Gee-Ta’s!” We’ve corrected her so many times now that we’ve given up. We just let her say it her way. We call it a Dori-ism.

I make up words all the time and my sense of direction is horrible. If you know me well, you know that I get lost often, and it’s worse with state of the art map applications and GPS. And forget about me getting out of Orlando. There have been several occasions where I have panicked because I could not get out of town. I know for a fact that there is something wrong with the road out of Orlando; it just circles round and round the greedy rat’s house. I won’t go there anymore by myself. Orlando and midgets are my two phobias.
We're all a bunch of characters if know what I mean.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things that go Boom

When Judy Garland sang, “Somewhere over the rainbow” I wonder if the pilots on the shuttle Atlantis were inspired when they were young by the lyrics, “Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow. Why, oh why can’t I?” Twelve days ago, Atlantis and six astronauts took off for one last mission and I missed it.

When we heard the loud boom and then a softer boom, in the pool this morning at 8:48 none of us recognized the sound of Atlantis reentering the atmosphere. In retrospect, it did sound like a sonic boom.

Seeing as we are at war and our current culture is on guard for terrorist attacks, one person said, “I hope I don’t see a mushroom cloud.” Another said, “Don’t even joke about that sort of thing.” I felt a cold chill run through my body. The lifeguard said, "My chair shook!" Then, someone said, “It must have been an explosion from a plant in Ft. Lauderdale.” Then we feared for the lives of those people. The pool was quiet. We stopped moving and looked up for smoke. The air seemed still.

When we found out that the sound was the space shuttle, we were relieved. We are truly blessed.
I am grateful Weston is a peaceful place somewhere over the rainbow.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Choose your career wisely

We are shaped by our careers. Each and every one of us is. I never realized how true that statement was until this morning in class with my swim mates.

One of the gray haired ladies was making her way from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end where Amy and I were pumping water weights and peddling our heavy water shoes in reverse with out touching the bottom. Wading toward us she questioned, “I can't do this. How are you two doing with this one?” Our voices bounced from the water to the incoming older woman’s ears. “Great!” We shouted sounding like an old “Tony the Tiger” commercial. The woman sloshed back to her side of the pool picked her feet off the bottom, struggling peddling and pumping the heavy water.

Amy, my swim mate turned toward me and quietly out of the side of her mouth she confessed,
“I wasn’t going to tell her that this was killing my hamstrings and that my biceps are totally shot.”

No shit I proclaimed, we’re in sales!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cupid is a Latin Mother

One of the female YMCA members brought breakfast wrapped in foil, every morning for one of the male lifeguards and swooned over him. This behavior went on for days and finally, I looked at the guy in the pool next to me and whispered, “Why does she do that?” “She’s trying to recruit Hunt as her future son in law.” He laughed.

I’ll admit, on the surface, he would make a good son in law, tall, handsome, out going, nice, and respectful; but, there is no way I would bring him breakfast every morning and gush over him. It’s just strange.

Today when we filed into the pool at 7 AM and said our hellos to the young college age Hunt perched six feet up in his life guard chair, none of us imagined what was coming next.

The gate to the pool flew open crashing metal on metal and Lala the Hispanic want to be future mother-in-law thundered toward Hunt hotter than flaming hell salsa on a chetto chip. Like a freight train on a track she was unstoppable. She halted at the base of Hunts chair, throwing her red head back and drew her pointer finger at him and fired.

I wondered what Hunt had done to unleash such wrath. I wondered if he thought she looked ridiculous- her zinc covered face suddenly being swallowed by her wide red screaming lips. In her high pitched heavy Latin accent we heard her shriek, “Jew left mi daughter and never showed up!” Hunt threw up his hands and said, “I sent her a text. I had to work.”

Like a defense attorney, she fumed and again threw her verbal attack at the accused, “Mi hija was waiting for jew and jew never showed up! Jew are a horrible despicable man!” Then she turned to us the jury in the pool, “He was supposed to take my daughter, mi hija to ice cream and he didn’t come to the house!” “Don’t speak to him for a week!” “He is a very bad person.”

The jury moaned in unison, “Oh Hunt.”

Hunt pleaded his case, to us and Lala.

“I swear I had to work. I sent her a text that I was not going to be able to make it. I am innocent.” Lala had turned and started to walk away and to all of our surprise, she turned back to Hunt. She reached in to her big red beach bag and handed him his breakfast wrapped in foil.

I have changed the names to protect the innocent.... the picture of course is real.


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