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The Times, They are A'Changin'

This is my weekly three card spread that I email out to everyone. I recently started video blogging on Tarot Cards. Please take a look-it's less than 4 minutes long.

I send up the white flag

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it."

-Edith Wharton

Strange things were happening - people were being really nice to me. Then, things went back to "normal" the shop owner was a dick to me. The cashier didn't even say thank you when I gave her my money. The young boy just walked in front of me and didn't hold the door of the elevator to be polite. The stranger passing me on my walk didn't return the obligatory "hello". Ah, all back to normal. Everyone is stressed, pissed and in a shitty mood. Wait one minute, could it be me? Next I am going to get myself all worked up and start to feel a cold coming on. It wouldn't be my fault, it would be the change of weather, right? Well, well, now, it couldn't be more obvious. I am the damm Wendy Whiner and the Grumpy Bump all rolled up into one big walking bitch. I do love to be the bitch. It's like leaving the house with the bedroom a mess a…

When the cat leaves, it's all good.

For those of you just tuning in, our favorite family pet was missing for 29 days and after a massive search he was found and returned home this morning. He had spent the last two weeks at a nice family home a mile and a half from our house, heading west toward the everglades. My gratitude goes out to the man who called this morning to tell me that our cat was being well cared for at the home of one of his friends in Weston. Through the course of the 29 days I got many calls and followed up on 14 cat sightings. None were Charlie and no one on the other end of the phone sounded so certain as this man did. I hung up the phone and called my husband sobbing telling him that this was it. And when we got to the house, it was it. It was Charlie. The garage door was open and a dark shadow was sitting on top of the washing machine. I got closer and saw his form and eyes and shrieked, "Charlie!" He meowed and jumped right down and came to me. I picked him up and cried so hard that I wa…