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An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

Before the sun came up over the hedge at the Weston, Florida “Y” pool I learned:

1. Water hides a multitude of sins. Let’s just leave it at that.

2. You can swim from the day you’re born to the day you die.

3. An old dog can learn new tricks!

"What if "it" was an observer watching us and they knew that we didn't know we were in charge?"

Driving home my husband and I went the scenic route and after stopping for lunch I read the first few pages of what I had written in my journal while I was waiting for him to finish his appointment:

I want people to get "it" and to think about "it"and to find their own understanding of "it".  For example, do you get the whole concept of "it", I said. 
"Yes.  The reason you can call a tree a tree is because your brain uses the electrons and energy waves and goes and finds the memory as well as the label and then you say, tree," he said.
"Yes, but I want to talk about where that energy comes from that tells the tree to grow? I know, water pushes up and soil gives nutrients, the sun and the air and the elements all help it grow.  There is something behind that.  What if all of a sudden there was no it?  It would be like the plug was pulled on the TV in the middle of a movie. Everything would end.  Nothing would exist," I said.…

Tag! You're it.

I looked at that palm waiving at me and it seemed to say,
"Tag! You're it."
I am it?  I am it. 
It allows this body to see that palm tree.
It allows the mind to remember to call it a palm tree.
It allows the mind to ask, "Where did I go to find that memory to know it is called a palm tree?"
It is behind all it is. 
It is all.
It is behind my thoughts, my emotions, my actions and everything about me.
I am nothing without it.
It has no start.
It has no end.
It is everywhere, everyone, and everything.
The it in that tree is the "it" in me.
Zap one day my body is gone.
The "it" of me is still there even though my body is dust.
It is all things. 
Tag! You're it.

Law Four: Just Have Faith

If you are willing to live by the laws, they will never fail you.  Just have faith.

Law Three: Just Stay There

Remember the place you came from; yes, the place you say you can't remember.  You can remember. Live every moment from that place. You are connected again to the Infinite Power of the Universe and you are in tune.  Now just stay there.

Law Two: Just Plug into It

Acknowledging the Supreme Power of the Universe is the start. The moment you plug into the source, peace and optimism will fill you. Focus on complete oneness with the Power and less on what you desire. When you are one with the source, there is no room for doubt or fear. Anyone can do it. You have everything you need to just plug into it.

Law One: Just Know It

Any power that is possible to one human soul is possible to another. The moment the mind grasps the fact that anything is possible, limitations that were once stumbling blocks will vanish. The path will be clear and success is inevitable.  Know that your nature is to be happy.  It's your life and your right to have a magical, abundant, healthy experience with connection and love.  There is no other way.  Just know it.

Three Things I Learned Before the Sun Came over the Ficus Hedge

1. You gotta have faith
2. Rain hitting the surface of the water looks neat and it's cold
3. The pool is special. It's a huge happy spot- not just where the vents blow bubbles on our tushies.