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You Don't Own a Border Collie They Own You

Several years ago when I met Emma, there was and eerie telepathic communication that went between us. We walked together and she looked at me with eyes that were full of brilliant desire to communicate. It was startling and a little freaky. She was determined and intense about making me understand what she wanted. When she and I arrived at her house I told her humans, "If you ever breed her, I have to have one of her puppies." A year later, Emma had puppies and we were gifted one of her sons, named Buddha. 
     Immediately, I called my Uncle living on a large piece of property in Colorado and told him that my husband and I were new owners of a Border Collie. My uncle had Border Collies in the past and he said, “You don’t own a Border Collie, they own you.” He added, “They are the smartest breed, smarter than a 4 year old. Heck, the guy down the road has one that has a 500 word vocabulary and he couldn’t run his ranch without him. You best keep him busy and I don’t just…