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Threshold and Grateful

Earlier on Facebook I posted "What's your word of the day?" Several people responded and the words varied and perhaps reflected the kind of day each was having. Threshold stood out and grateful too.

Threshold because I like the way it sounds when you say the "shhh part of the word and how it ends in a "da" sound, as if it has a line that one needs to cross to get past it. I hadn't seen the word for awhile, I knew what it meant but I went to the Thesaurus for more and found, opening, beginning, brink, dawn, doorstep, doorway, edge, entrance, gate, point, verge, etc.

It's a new year and I can relate to beginning, and edge. Which brings me to the next word. One respondent posted the word "grateful." When I read the post I sighed, "I should have thought of that." I need to remember to be grateful each day. Even if things are bad there is always a lot to be grateful for. Later in the day I went to the person's profile who posted …

Funny Funny Funny

Sometimes it is best to withhold the truth. Not because the truth is bad, it's just too lengthy to get into the whole truth. For instance, as most of you know my family and I just went on a holiday trip to Italy and Spain. When asked, "How was your trip?" I answered, "It was great! The weather was not great; but, the trip was wonderful." Not much fluff there, nor is there much information.

This morning I was on Skype with my daughter pictured here. She told me that she had started a blog. Cool beans! I immediately went to her blog to check it out. The last post was a journal of our recent family trip and it was spot on, hysterical in hindsight anyway. Enough said, check out her blog at:

So, if you want the raw truth, and not the "oh it was great" story from moi, see what she has to say.

Break Through

I’m the dog walker in my family. Buddha and I walk in the morning and in the afternoon on a route and we rarely deviate from our course. A funny thing happened today. This afternoon instead of going around our usual cull de sac,keeping on the sidewalk- we kept walking straight through a 6’ ficus hedge and popped out in another neighborhood. Buddha looked at me like I was Houdini and I had just walked through a green wall.

The simple act of going through the bushes was nothing really;but, the look on Buddha’s face made it something fun. Jumping in front of me rearing back on his two hind legs, he was crazy. “Wow! You are amazing! How did you do that? Do it again!” I had to find another ficus hedge just to break through to the other side once again. Both of us giggling and smiling we walked the rest of the way home feeling like we had shared something special.