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I am not sure who wrote this but I found it and thought it was worth sharing.

"Welcome change. Welcome even those transitional phases that accompany change, where all of the old directions are lost and the new ones not yet established. Look back on your life and see the wonder of those periods in your life that seemed difficult at the time but that opened up new vistas of being, new doorways to growth and learning.

What you do not want to do during times of transition is fight to regain what is gone, to walk backward in time, to chase what was or what you had wanted to be. When life changes all around you, because of circumstances or because you woke up a different person than you were the day before, allow your dreams to change as well. Do not think yourself weak or confused because you shift your aspirations".

Everyday Mysticism

" It is not to be learned by world flight, running away from things, turning solitary and going apart from the world. Rather, one must learn an inner solitude, wherever or with whomsoever he may be."- Meister Eckhart

I had a religion professor in college who was well known among the students for his seemingly lax requirements for subject matter of essays. One could write about anything so long as it was personal experience that tied in with spirituality. One day, one of my fellow students quipped, "that one could write about walking to the liquor store to get a pint, and if you could somehow tie it in with a spiritual topic, he'd accept it."

That professor wasn't overly lax, in my opinion, he had a deep understanding of spirituality. As I quoted above from Meister Eckhart, a very famous mystic, we don't have to go to extraordinary places. To the contrary, mystics are often stunned to find that they don't ascend to an unity or super-speci…

The Little Green Frog

When they were in elementary grades, I distracted and amused my two daughters while brushing their long hair in the morning before they went off to school by making up stories. They were sweet stories about Wendy the whiner, the little green frog and the grumpy bump. My daughters forgot about my pulling and tugging and got lost in the dream world of the deep forest. Here's the story of how Wendy meets the little green frog and the grumpy bump.
Once upon a time there was a little girl, her name was Wendy. Some called her Wendy whiner. She lived in a quaint house in the woods and everyday at about noon time she would leave her home and go out for a walk in the deep woods. She loved her time alone in the woods so much that she often went to work clearing dead branches to make walking paths. But, was she really alone?
One day Wendy walked and walked in the woods and she started to get tired. Wendy sat down on a bright green mossy area where an old tree had fallen. Wendy laid back, rest…


When asked to define spirituality or to know it's purpose, there is no easy answer is there? There are as many definitions as there are minds to conceive the thought. Imagine you over heard the following conversation sitting watching a neighborhood baseball game. Two boys both about 6 years old, were sitting near me at a little league baseball game and I over heard their conversation. One said to the other, "Where is your Mom?" The other boy said, "She's dead." "I know that" the other responded, then added, "But, do you know where she is?" The other boy shook his head and said, "No, I don't know where she is." Recently I read something that said, this is an example of the beginners mind searching for spiritually. A child like open mind, starting to ask questions and finding no answers. You may have your definition but, most of us find it hard to explain what spirituality means. Just like the beginner mind finds it impossibl…

Next stop for Dade grad with palsy: Harvard

The story that you are about to read speaks volumes to our human potential. A very dear friend of mine had the pleasure of working with this young man during the past few years and employed various routines using aromatherapy, massage therapy, movement therapy and swimming. I hope that you will read this and be as touched as I was!
Kevin Mintz rolled his electric wheelchair up to the podium in the middle of the stage Friday. He looked down at his white graduation gown and then addressed the crowd, his speech slow and labored. The teenagers in the audience, buzzing with restless energy minutes earlier, quickly hushed.In the front row, his parents held hands and smiled: Their son, who will never walk, who they once feared would never even talk, had risen to the top of his Robert Morgan Educational Center class -- and was tapped to address the student body at the Pharmed Arena at Florida International University.Next, he is headed to Harvard on a full scholarship.Kevin, 18, has cerebral…

Posted by "Sailor Girl" The Hatchet

The Hatchet, a book on CD. It's a true story about a boy of 12 who survives a plan crash and lives for many months in the wilderness of Canada with only a small hatchet to help him survive. His desire to live and how he problem solved each tough task brought him through this situation until he was finally rescued. The most important thing he learned, was that feeling sorry for himself, crying and giving up, only left him in the same situation, with nothing accomplished. Even though he had many set backs and when he began to give up, he told himself, "giving up, crying, feeling sorry for myself, still leaves me in the same place without a solution." Now that young man had perseverance.
Paparazi you speak of Bob Decker's blog where he writes about failure, "self-doubt interfering with the process." Perhaps we don't follow through because of our motivation, we don't want it bad enough, as succeeding is not a matter of life and death, or with ou…


Happiness. Where has that childlike nature gone? We can manage and train our mind in order to achieve lasting happiness - no matter what the environment we are faced with. Meditation is key to this. Meditations for beginners can be found by going to:

True Freedom

"Seek freedom of the self and from the self. Freedom of the self means freedom from oppressive environments and relationships, the freedom of a satisfying career and the freedom to make your life meaningful. Freedom fromthe self istruefreedom-a matter of rising above your fears,adddictions, and obsessions-Dick Sutphen

True freedom is freedom from within and from without. Not just in our external circumstances, but being free of our ego-based emotions. When we strip away those fears, we realize who we really are: beings of Divine Light, expressing unconditional love upon the earth. This also reinforces the freedom of the self, allowing us greater capacity to observe our dharma (True Will) and having resolved our karma, letting even more of this Light shine into the world.

Instantly help someone in need and discover your power to change a life.

Record numbers of people are struggling financially and we need to help when we can. There is an organization called Modest Needs. They are dedicated to helping people with unexpected financial emergencies. Founded in 2002, Modest Needs is an award-winning public charity with a simple but critical mission: "We work to stop the cycle of poverty BEFORE it starts, for the low-income workers whom conventional philanthropy has forgotten. We do this by empowering compassionate members of the general public to safely and securely help hard-working, low-income households to afford the kinds of short-term emergency expenses that we've all encountered before: the unexpected car repair, the unanticipated visit to the doctor, or the unusually large heating bill, for example." Since 2002, by working together in this very 'modest' way, Modest Needs' donors have stopped 5112 low-income individuals and families from entering the vicious cycle of poverty and a lifetime of dep…

You're not alone

Remove the cloak you're wearing, a tapestry of self doubt and fear.
You've stumbled on a place where others feel your pain.
Clinking their glasses they've raised a toast to you.
Shouting, "Misery loves company, welcome home blue!"

There you are. Come, now take my hand and let’s leave this place.
Don't look back. Look in my eyes.
You're not alone; feel the E all around your face.

We soar above the ground and you read my thoughts.
There are times I feel so deeply and forget to protect myself too.
When you went down to save someone that night, you left yourself open wide.
You've been there several times and now you’re on their side.

There you are. Come, now take my hand and let’s leave this place.
Don't look back. Look in my eyes.
You're not alone; feel the E all around your face.

That's it, step away from the shadows and come closer to my voice.
In one thought, the darkness is gone.
We are here, we are all around you.
Protect yourself my daughter. Never le…

another stroke of insight

more on dr jill taylor on oprah's website, apparently you can also down the interviews on itunes for free....links to itunes are below the interview...i have not had a chance to watch the interview on oprah's site....enjoy, liam

If It Feels This Good Getting Used, Keep On Using Me Until You Use Me Up

This brotha's got soul. Music rarely is seen or heard today that feels so bad but so good at the same time.

Follow the link.

a stroke of insight...who are we ??

This is a must watch 18 minute video....a brain scientist discovers herself while having and surviving a stroke !! we are ONE with the IT !!!
Click on the title above or cut and past the following to see the MUST SEE video.