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Even though I don't believe in channeled material, this material I've been told is channeled. It flew out of me, uninterrupted, except for a power outage and even though I never hit save, it was still here when my computer came back on.  

In reality, all of you had a pill to swallow.
The Red pill or The blue pill.
Two very different virus options.
Each causing a nasty illness of the psyche.

One came with more immediate symptoms of dread, depression, heart palpitations as well as an obnoxious taste in the mouth, like an old root canal gone bad.

The other caused some to have the sensation of bugs crawling on the skin, a constant ringing in the ears, paranoia, and or a burning in the throat.  Both are extreemly toxic. Each pre-designed to be fatal to human kindness and love.  Don't be fooled, one virus is not better than the other.

Laying awake in the dark, you ask, "God, is there really no cure?"  
Is there no clinical trial?
Is there any new drug to Google?  Don't bo…