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You Never Know Who You're Going to Meet

Lately, I've been enrolling seniors on Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans offered through AARP by UnitedHealthcare.  Last week I met a powerhouse named Isaac Stavisky. There was something special about him and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  I did a little digging.  Here's what President Ronald Reagan had to say about him in a speech to B’nai B’rith in 1984.

In July of 1983 it was my privilege to meet a brave refugee from Nicaragua, Isaac Stavisky. He told me about the 50 Jewish families who had emigrated to Nicaragua from Eastern Europe since the 1920′s, and about the tragedy that befell them. But let me read you Isaac’s own words:

“Nicaraguan Jews never encountered anti-Semitism until the Sandinistas started their revolution . . . Graffiti by Sandinistas was widespread, with attacks on Jews and their religion. One was, `Death to the Jewish pigs.’ In 1978 the Sandinistas sent a strong message to the entire community when the synagogue was attacked by…

Watch Me

Swimming is heavenly, eventually. For a land lover it’s not easy. It’s a challenge to push muscles that have been used for rollerblading, running, walking, and weight bearing exercises. Trying to breathe with all that water is no fun and the simple act of finding a rhythm can be frustratingly difficult. I was not a swimmer and one day I decided I needed more cardio so I took the plunge. 

“Easy for you- you're a jock,” you’re thinking.

“No, not true. I hated it. That’s it- this sucks. My goggles are fogged. Now they're leaking. They’re so tight that my eye sockets are killing me. I’ve got water up my nose and it’s burning like hell. I’ve swallowed enough of the pool for a brilliant intestinal cleanse. I can’t do this,” is what I said for the first month. Why in Gods name did I continue the torture? I wasn’t alone. Swimming in the next lane was a silent and patient friend. When I complained she said nothing and just kept swimming. Then something miraculous happened, I gave it …

Some Things We Could All Learn From Blue Jays

Persistence– They come back looking for what sustains them every day even when nothing was there the day before. Balanced allocation of resources– They first put away some of the new found resources before eating any. Focus – They are not concerned with what others in the vicinity are doing. It doesn’t matter to them if other birds are in the same tree (even when the others are fighting amongst themselves).They just go about the task of finding what sustains them. Loyalty – Usually they will have a mate that they travel with.When one finds food, it calls out to the other to come share the treasure J I have made the above observations over a period of 5 years. I have been blessed to observe these beautiful creaturesfrom my back yard almost every day.I discovered that they love to eat raw peanuts.So, whenever I see them on the trees in my back yard, I go out there and spread some peanuts for them to enjoy.I just love watching them. I feel very blessed to share this special connection with t…

The Doorway

The Love of God desires to find you and help you as much as you desire to find the Love of God in every aspect of your life.

You have everything that you need at this very moment to create "your" heaven on earth.

You don't need to be prettier. You don't need to be more handsome. You don't need to be taller or shorter, stronger or skinnier. Have blue eyes or brown eyes. You don't have to be smarter ... or be without sin ... for what is sin? It's just a false thought.

You have everything that you need right now to create your heaven on earth.

Open your heart, open your mind to the possibility that it can happen, that it is true because that is where it starts. That is the beginning. Hold onto the feeling. Don't let it go. Engrave it in your memory.

What would it be like if you were good enough at this very moment without having to change one thing? What if you were good enough to create your heaven on earth?

What if? - That question is a doorway. That creates…