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A Positive Spin

Bad things don't happen to me; but, when itching, pain, burning, body aches, nausea, and head aches continue to linger from a spider bite; I wonder.  In the spirit of positivity, I decided to rally and spin some light on the event. According to Louise Hay, "Spiders carry creation energy, a perfect metaphor for spring, when we blossom anew from marrow."  My bite is on the lower jaw, under my chin.  Could it be a message to take it on the chin? Is there something creative I need to chew on? Yes, yes indeed.

     Maybe the bite was a direct message from the Universe.  At a totem website I found, "The bite of a poisonous spider symbolizes a death/rebirth process. Poison enters the nervous system and the body either transmutes it or falls victim to its venom and dies." There will be no dying here, not in the literal sense anyway. Where am I dying and being reborn in my life I wonder?

     Shamanic teacher Nicki Scully, writes, "Spiders communicate with on…