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True Abundance

This coming November marks my twentieth year of sobriety. On November 28th of 1988 I became painfully aware that I had no control of my drinking and cocaine abuse. After a horrific series of binges I knew if I continued to use I would die or go insane.

I had been living with a male roommate who had rescued me from living on the street. At one point I had been sleeping in a little electric meter room behind the Midnight Bottle Club. I was sitting in a bar one day, getting ready to drink my last eight dollars I had to my name so I could go pass out inside that little meter room. In walked Chris, one of my co-workers, who had discovered I was homeless. He took me home and gave me some clean clothes and a place to sleep on the living room couch.

We became fast friends. We were joined at the hip and shared many drug drenched adventures together. He was sort of like a big brother figure to me. He would watch over me and reel me in when I got too far out there.

When I got sober Chris started t…

Getting unstuck

Sometimes I'm an expert at getting in my own way. My latest thing has been geeking out. I love messing with the computer. It's just that sometimes messing with the computer messes with my priorities. My not posting to this blog is a prime example.

Now everyday I have stuff to do online. I update my Tarot website ( with a daily Tarot card draw. I check my several email accounts and respond to messages from Myspace. I add content to my websites and Twitter when I have the chance.

But I let myself get distracted with too much geek stuff. I got to where I was spending a lot of time at For those of you not familiar with the site, it centers around technology and time management. The motto of the editors is "geek to live". This is the inverse of what many people get caught up in, which is living to geek.

And that's where the irony and the balancing point is at. It's good to know computers, knowledge is power and software is meant to …

My First Regression

Back in the 1980's my teacher, Dick Sutphen, used to make these really cool VCR tapes that could put you into an altered state very easily. You could look at the psychedelic graphics and get drawn right into your TV screen. While this was happening he would be doing a hypnotic induction, followed by positive suggestions. Underneath all this were subliminal suggestions relating to the goal of the tape (pscyhic ability, chakra balancing, etc.).

One spring night I got the chance to meet him. He was at a local bookstore doing a one-night workshop on hypnosis. Dick is a tall, athletic individual in his mid 60's. He has a dynamic energy about him and conveys complete self-confidence when you meet him. In the 80's he was famous for taking hotel ballrooms full of people and regressing them back to past lives.

I was very impressed with the workshop. He was there to promote his weekend seminar which was slated for the following morning. I was intrigued and decided to look at one of…

Sarah Palin

This post is not very happy.
Wake UP People!!!! This election is about the Republican vs. Democratic agenda not about Black vs. White or Old vs. Young or Man vs. Woman! Oh how you are being manipulated!!! OH MY GOD!!! It irks me to no end that many people in this country are actually "Happy" that Sarah Palin is on the Republican ticket as the next in line to run the country in the event that Ole' McCain kicks the bucket in the White House......which is very possible as he has had four bouts with cancer... Although they have dragged his Mother out to show everyone that longevity runs in the gene pool.
If you are one of the Americans who are happy about the Palin choice, I would really like to hear from you and I want to know if your head is buried in the sand or are you just NUTS? By the way, I am not a Republican. I am just very upset that our country is yes, it truly is full of millions of idiots that think that she is the end all be all. Then you have the press t…

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

Have you ever had a dream that you just couldn't seem to get out of your head and you keep trying to figure out what it means? I had a dream the other night and for the last few days, I have been replaying what I said and what I saw in my dream. Then, today after a phone conversation, it hit me. I know what the dream is all about.

In my dream I was in an unfamiliar yard but it was my yard none the less. I was pacing the lawn and I kept telling everyone, I just want greener grass. I just really want to see green, green grass in my yard! You have heard the old saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." We often think that the grass will be greener somewhere else. We don't see how perfect and beautiful our own grass is. In my dream, I could not see that my grass was green but to make things worse, I couldn't find any green grass anywhere, not across the street and not in any other area. The good thing was I was looking in my own yard for th…