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In A Recent Survey..............

70% of the people in the United States believe in Satan. Perhaps this is the big nasty virus that the cumulative consciousness in this country is infected with. It's called "The Satan virus". It is mind boggling to imagine that so many people believe in a made up monster. Perhaps "Satan" is the label that 70% of the population uses to explain, what is behind, lust, gluttony, pride, and the other four deadly sins. It all comes down to ignorance. We are beings on a planet in a vast galaxy which is in a Universe with an infinite number of galaxy's and the idea of Satan running around is laughable. Then the believers will say, if you don't believe in Satan, then you probably don't believe in God either....Then you have the Bible, it was written by hand by many people and it was not put into print until 1400 years after Jesus died. It was first written in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin then in the 16th Century, English, like Satan, much of the Bible is a…

The House Story

This is a story about a house... and it's a true story.

Since my Mom was a single parent and a working woman, I'd walk home from school each day and stop at a huge yellow duplex that my Aunts and Uncles lived in. I would wait there until my Mom came to pick me up after work. One Aunt and one Uncle lived on each side of the house. There were two of everything, two kitchens, two staircases, two basements, two glassed in porches, and two big picture windows.

I'd only have to walk a block or so until I would see my two Aunts sitting inside one of the big picture windows waiting for me to come by. The moment I saw them, I felt warm, safe and loved. After all, like a lab sits and waits at the bus stop for their favorite human, every day, my Aunts sat and waited for me. A huge smile would light up my face and with a waive, I would be off, rushing down the long drive, curving around the house to the second back door (I told you there was two of everything!). I'd gleefuly j…

Bob's Blazing Tarot Blog-03/22/09

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Meditate on your feelings

Today is St. Patrick's Day. It's a day that I join many in saying, "May the luck of the Irish be with you!" Here is a question for you to ponder: How do you feel about luck? Are you lucky? Some people feel lucky some times and some people feel lucky all the time and then there are those who say they have no luck. Some don't believe in luck. The dictionary says the following about luck, "Luck is the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities."

My view is, if you are here on this vacation on Earth with all of us, you were born and that alone makes you lucky. There is a force, call it luck if you will, and that force is behind your feelings, thoughts and words. Yes, definitely, you are one of the lucky ones. Remember that and think on your feelings of luck today.

Bob's Blazing Tarot Blog-first podcast!

I just made my first podcast for my daily tarot blog at

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Expanding You

This morning while driving, my focus shifted from the empty road and moved upward to the massive blue sky full of puffy white clouds; drifting further, I saw a vast sea of darkness filled with stars. Seconds later I was back on earth staring at the steering wheel, zooming in on dust particles floating in the sunlight just above my hand. Physically I felt incredibly small, like a spec of dust. Certainly we all have these feelings when we ponder the vastness of what we call the Universe.

My next thought was my energy matter is not small. I am expanding. I visited the stars on the way to Miami and that is huge. You are expanding too. When you get a call from a friend you had been thinking about, it is because your non physical self already visited your friend, just by thinking of them. They in turn picked up the message and physically called you on the phone.

Move your beautiful body today and fill your physical and non-physical self with positive possibilities. Make them unlimited possi…

Building Personal Charisma

This is a podcast I published a while back to help you build up self confidence and personal magnetism with hypnosis

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