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My little revolution started while I was in the midst of a sugar high. I already inhaled an entire box of Boston baked beans and I was working on a bar of white chocolate.  While driving to Miami in my jeep with the top down, I looked at the stand still traffic in the opposite direction on the Turnpike and laughed. I held my arm up high and waved good bye to those frustrated souls. Many a day I’d been stuck in the worst Miami traffic; but, not today. Today, I was zooming just not fast enough for some people.

A U-haul truck came up tight on my bumper and flashed his lights for me to move over. He was on a mission and wanted me out of his way. I moved to the right lane. As he passed, he slowed down to take a look at me, the putz who didn’t move over fast enough. I turned toward him and in Miami style I put up that finger- the middle one. Then, my eyes locked on the eyes of the man in the passenger seat and my pointer finger popped up next to my middle finger. The passenger in the truck …

Chocolate is adictive and this is why

This morning during our walk, my neighbor Lori and I were talking about cravings. The only thing I want is chocolate and a cinnamon roll from Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead Florida but that’s for another blog post.

Lori said, “There must be something in chocolate that you’re not getting in your normal diet.” So, I wondered what it was. I decided to do a little research on what the heck is in chocolate besides the obvious because I am completely adicted to it.  Here's what I found out.
Dark chocolate contains the following mood altering compounds:

1. Caffeine – Naw, there is plenty of caffeine in my daily pot of Java.

2. Cannabinoids- A chemical that closely resembles the stuff in marijuana. It makes one feel euphoric and relaxed. Euphoria is good. Ding!

3. Phenylethylanine- A hallucinogen with properties similar to amphetamines (which are highly addictive) that produce feelings of mental alertness and wellbeing. Ding- Ding!

4. Flavonoids- Which are suppose to contribute to a hea…