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Religulous- A movie worth seeing

Comedian Bill Maher's documentary, "Religulous" opened October 1st and based on the lack of movie houses that let the movie in the door it will probably be a box office flop. That's ok. It was a crack in the door. A start in the right direction. My husband and I saw the movie last night and there was only one other person in the theater. It really wasn't a surprise, as our general populous does not want to hear the truth about religion. I'll tell you the little secret. It's all man made, just like those plastic boxes that our left over and take out food goes in.
Yes, I did just compare religion to a styrofoam box. It holds all the left overs. Sometimes, it holds the food we really didn't need to eat in the first place. It holds sauces and juices that spill out and make a mess. It's that box that we leave in our car and then at a later date we remember we left it there and then it is rotten and it stinks.
Since I was in grade school, I went to church…

The friends I seek are seeking me

So our favorite family pet, correction, cat, "Charlie" has been missing from Weston Florida since October the 14th. He was last seen a week ago near a house that is open and being renovated. We've put out over 200 flyer's in mailboxes, posted another 50 around our town, held two focused visualization sessions to bring him home and today, as I do often, I opened my self to the higher in me and tuned into "In Tune With the Infinite". It's a book that is equivalent to my Bible. It has never failed to comfort me or give me a clear answer. A few minutes ago, I closed my eyes, flipped the book around , asked for the message to come to me about Charlie and when I opened my eyes, here is what was on the page:

"I stay my haste, I make delays,

For what avails this eager pace?

I stand amid eternal ways,

And what is mine shall know my face.

Asleep, awake, by night or day,

The friends I seek are seeking me;

No wind can drive my bark astray,

Nor change the tide of dest…

The Moses Code for Buddha

Originally I posted this in 2008. It's worth reading again.
This weekend I took a workshop led by James Twyman, the author of the Moses Code. I highly recommend the book, the movie and the CD. One of the tracks of the CD has a frequency meditation based on a numerical value of the name of God. Not the word God but the name of God.
When James Twyman played the CD in the small conference room, the energy shifted. You can call me goofy or Pollyanna... or you can just get a copy of it and listen to the Moses Code Meditation track. We had all just come in when he asked us to close our eyes and feel the energy in the room. What I heard was someone switching an old radio dial....interference and noise. Then he played the Moses Code Meditation track, just part of it. When he turned it off he asked us again to feel the energy in the room. What I heard was a hum, a pink and purple rainbow hum. Back to my earlier comment when I said you may call me goofy, yes, I heard colors... I liked it so m…

I threw out the TV

For years I watched very little TV. I watched Saturday morning cartoons and the occasional TV movie, but as a teenager I spent most of my time in my room, listening to music and reading books on philosopy and musicology. My parents would get angry at my disdain for their favorite TV series and demand I that I would sit in the living room and look at what I described as the "idiot box".

I was almost totally indifferent during my college years. My fraternity brothers would grow disturbed at my apathy. They'd ask me what I wanted to watch and I would reply that I didn't care, it was all the same to me, though of course I do fondly remember John Belushi on Saturday Night Live. Does anyone remember the Cone Heads?

Through most of my adult life I didn't even have a TV, and when I did, it was hooked up to VCR so I could watch my favorite action and horror films. When I did have cable I would watch MTV and that was about it.

But since I moved in with my better half, Barba…

Mercury Retrograde

For years I've been hearing horror stories about Mercury Retrograde. Computers fail, travel is a disaster, communications go awry. Some folks strenuously avoid signing anything. Others insist it's a poor time to get a psychic reading.

This last one brings a smile to my face. I remember years ago reading for a friend of mine whose sister scowled at her for taking a reading during a retrograde. Moments later both were stunned as I proceeded to identify the four questions she had on her mind as well as outline some useful advice. I have some clients that are big on astrology and won't schedule an appointment until retrograde passes, and that's fine. However. no one can tell me I can't read well during a retrograde based on my experience.

Today a friend forwarded me an email described the typical perils of retrograde that I mentioned above. One thing the little article did say was that people born during a retrograde were inclined to experience increased financial …