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Your Cups Runneth Over

The card above is the Ten of Cups. Entitled "Satiety", it is attributed to Mars in Pisces. Cups and Pisces represent the element of Water, which in turn rules the emotions, spirituality, and our sense of life's course.

This is one of the most benevolent cards in the entire deck. It has also been titled "Perfected Success". It embodies the idea of complete satisfaction in every way. This includes spiritual, financial, and emotional fulfillment.

How can we have all this? Or do we have it already and not recognize it? I have found the key to fulfillment is in being aligned with the Divine Source. As a wise man once said, "Seek ye the the Kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added unto you"

So how do we align oursleves with the Divine Source? I believe the Divine Source or Unifying source of the Universe is unconditional love.It's in expressing unconditional love to others that we come into alignment with God.

I'm not just expressing a loft…

20 Rich ideas

1. Create your life; do not wait for life to just happen to you.
2. Money is important! Don’t say that it is not.
3. Stop complaining! What you focus on expands.
4. When you blame, justify or complain you are cutting money out of your life.
5. Focus on massive abundance vs. enough to pay the bills or to be “comfortable”.
6. Be committed. Rich are committed to being rich, poor people want to be rich.
7. Rich people are totally clear. Don’t send mixed messages to the Universe.
8. Rich people think big.
9. Rich see opportunities.
10.Rich focus on the rewards.
11.Rich look for what is right not what is wrong.
12.Rich have confidence.
13.Rich expect to succeed.
14.Rich people make decisions on research and facts.
15.Rich focus on opportunities and poor focus on obstacles.
16.Focus on making and keeping your money…don’t focus on spending your money.
17.Practice optimism and focus on what you have.
19.Rich people admire other rich and successful people and poor resent them.
20.Hang out with rich pe…

What is Love?

Love is not an emotion or a thing, it is a choice. That's what some believe. And in a recent post on Face book, the daughter of a friend of mine wrote, "It's so easy, to think about love, to talk about love, to wish for love, but it's not always easy, to recognize love, even when we hold it.... In our hands." My knee jerk reaction was to respond, That's the truth! After a few sips of coffee and a walk with Buddha, my thoughts have changed. It's easy to think about love. Yes... if we are thinking about love...perhaps it is lust or ego fulfillment that we are really thinking about in a grand masquerade called love.Is it easy to talk about love? No, it is not. Most will tell you that their feelings are deep or indescribable and everyone has a different definition of love. Is it easy to wish for love? Again, is it really love we are wishing for? Or, is it a sense of security, something primal or something shallow? The author wrote, "but, it is not alway…

How would you answer the question?

I am Robyn Polanco (no,you are not your name).
I am human (Is that it? That's what we were told).
I am a wife, a daughter, a mother, a student (no,you are not your profession or title).
I am creative (that's an idea, it is not who you are).
I am happy (that's a state of mind, it's not who you are).
I am wise (that's debatable).
I know, I am energy (Are you energy or are you something else?)
I am now.... ahhh maybe I'm getting somewhere.. (You are not some place and you are not the future)
I am confused.... Who am I? Who are you?

Please click on the title link to view a trailer from Robert Holden, Ph.D.'s book, "Be Happy".....
Who are you and what is your inner truth?
If you have never seen him live, do so, it is well worth the price of admission.

Weekly three card Tarot reading

We live on a rock

"We live on a rock. There ain't no rhyme. There ain't no reason.
We live on a rock, just one of many hurling around in some big
jambalaya..... There ain't no answers, there's just this. And all you can
really hope to do is find a couple of people who'll make it the 70 or 80 years
that we get to live on this sweet, swinging, sphere to remotely make it tolerable."

-Detective Ray
"Life on Mars" My all time favorite TV show.


I am not sure that I believe in God per say but I do believe in prayer. Prayer is an internal voice and that internal voice has the power to heal. When that voice is combined with like voices the power is on a global scale. "Ancient wisdom reveals a "lost mode of prayer" that can solve humanity's problems." from Gregg Braden's book, The Isaiah Effect. Prayer is a result of creating something within yourself that reflects to the outside world. When you choose peace for yourself and others, it manifests through the world. When you choose to heal your body and heal others, the earth heals. It seems pretty basic. Our thoughts, our prayers are forces. You are a powerful source. This comes from your heart as when you put feeling behind prayer, it is amplified. Braden, gives an example of a mass prayer that was done when issues escalated in Iraq years ago. He is very clear that the mass prayer was not for that situation to end, but instead was a choice of eac…

This Saturday, April 11th.

Click on the link and please do it. Thanks.

"Be Happy" Send this link to your friends!

He wouldn't call himself "The Happiness Guru" but I sure do. Last year I heard him speak for the first time and I was hooked. He is Robert Holden, Ph.D. the author of ten best selling books. "Be Happy" is his latest release. According to his publisher, Hay House, Inc. Holden gives the reader a front-row seat to his eight-week happiness program—famously tested by independent scientists for the BBC-TV documentary called How To Be Happy. Scientists hailed Robert's work as "a genuine fast-track to happiness."

"Robert's work is about helping you rediscover the joy of who you really are. He explains: "Happiness is a spiritual path. The more you learn about true happiness, the more you discover the truth of who you are, what is sacred, and what your life is really for. By walking back to happiness—the happiness that exists within you right now—you reacquaint yourself with your true identity, with your true values, and with your true purpose.…

The reason we don't remember our past lives

During my two hour walk with Buddha,my great and wise teacher, we meditated on reincarnation and why most of us do not remember our past lives.

Most of us remember our nightly dreams and then we wake up. The simple act of waking and having the realization that it was just a dream and it was not real, allows us to forget the experience. So, the big question is, when we wake up from this dream, the one we call our "life" will we remember that it was not real?