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Passion and Prostate

It was early, the sun had not come up over the chain link fence yet and the pool mates at the local Y were in the pool jogging. Don plowed through the water in the deep end talking to Hans about matters of the prostate and to my right two women were talking about passion.

Ok baby face, before you wrinkle your nose and let the milk from your morning breakfast cereal start to come back up in disgust, get over it; health and passion top the list of hot senior topics. Seniors have a lot on their plate and they need to be healthy for all those passions. You read "passion" and thought sex, right? They are thinking about, talking about, and yes, having sex; the latter has been  inferred at the pool.

The passions your parents and grandparents are talking about are post retirement dreams.
Stan of Naples Florida is 65 and a ball boy in tennis tournaments, Bill, 87, has the record as the oldest man to reach the summit of Mount Rainier. He clim…

The Moses Code For Buddha

Original post 2008- It's worth reading again.

This weekend I took a workshop led by James Twyman, the author of the Moses Code. I highly recommend the book, the movie and the CD. One of the tracks of the CD has a frequency meditation based on a numerical value of the name of God. Not the word God but the name of God.
When author, James Twyman played the CD in the small conference room, the energy shifted. You can call me goofy or Pollyanna... or you can just get a copy of it and listen to the Moses Code Meditation track. We had all just come in when he asked us to close our eyes and feel the energy in the room. What I heard was someone switching an old radio dial....interference and noise. Then he played the Moses Code Meditation track, just part of it. When he turned it off he asked us again to feel the energy in the room. What I heard was a hum, a pink and purple rainbow hum. Back to my earlier comment when I said you may call me goofy, yes, I heard colors... I liked it so much…


"My name is Pearla." "Pearla, what and interesting name," I said. "I was named after my family. Pe- for Pedro my brother, Ar- for Armando my other brother, L for Luciana my mother and A- for my dad Allesandro. I wish my name was Liz; but, no one has a first name starting with the letter I or Z in my family. I like the name Liz, like the woman in Eat Pray Love.  I am just like her except, I have two daughters. I love my dark chocolate and my white chocolate. I have a picture, look." She picked up her cell phone and showed me and image. "The dark one, she's ten. Her name's Julianna and the white one, she's only six months old. Her name is Maria. "Adorable," I said. "I love them so much." Pearla smooched the photo on her phone. She picked up my right hand and started rubbing off the nail polish.  She continued talking. "I don't love the man I'm with, Maria's father." "That's incredible," I …

Be Careful What You Wish For

“It’s a beautiful morning,” Dorothy said.
“Perfect-really,” Dottie said.
They were chatting as they usually do and making small waves in the deep end of the pool in the early morning adult swim class.

“I do miss our life guard Chase don’t you?” Dottie said looking up at the empty life guard chair.
Dorothy looked toward the chair. “Yes, he was a nice young man and so pleasant. I wonder why we don’t have a life guard anymore? We certainly need one more than those few people swimming laps,” she said surveying the rest of the pool.

Another woman had just returned from Lake Michigan where the morning temperature had already dipped into the 50’s. “Ah, I’ll take this sunny clear blue sky any day,” she said. “The water is nice and warm this morning too,” Dottie said.

As the class drew to a close, the ladies noticed a life guard taking his place up on his chair. “Oh my! Well, he’s not Chase now is he?” Dorothy said and looked at Dottie. Her brow was wrinkled and her lips were tight making…