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Immediate 2010 Healthcare Changes

A lot of people know my husband and I are health and life insurance agents, and that we own our Florida based business representing many insurance carriers. A lot of you have asked how the new laws will affect our business. The more important question is how are the new laws going to affect you? Because you are our client, friend or family, we want you to be aware of the following elements of the bill. Briefly, the Bill will:

• Mandate that everyone must have insurance.

• Result in more than 30 million additional people becoming insured.

• Provide for subsidized coverage for people that can’t afford it and increase the number of people that will qualify for Medicaid.

• Make cuts to Medicare Advantage Plans and change their payment formula.

• Increase taxes and fees to many individual Americans and Corporations.

• Make many changes to the way Insurance Companies do business from not allowing them to use pre-existing conditions to limiting their rates based on medical loss ratios.

Many …

You know more than you think

This week I attended a day long seminar in Boca and I didn’t learn anything new. It was an 8 hour reminder of what I know. Why did I stay? Hum. I always try to find the good in all things, especially when I spend my time and money on something that I expect to wow me so that’s why I stayed. I kept waiting with one eye on the door and one ear on the presenter hoping to learn something new. This event gets two thumbs down. I was impatient and bored with both the material and presenters. For those of you who love these people- good for you. I for one want my money and time back.

I’m referring to Ester and Jerry Hicks. Ester Hicks channels a group of souls known as Abraham. Abraham speaks through Ester and imparts wisdom to the masses. At the tune of $195/ person at 400 people in the room, I’d say Ester was doing quite fine with the Abraham connection. Add in the sales from her books, CD’s and the taped event, I did some quick calculations and figured they grossed over $100K. I’m all abo…

The Power of the View

We all have a perspective, a view of the way our world works.
Some minds view the glass half empty; those viewers tend to whine and complain blaming others or events for their failings or lack. We all know someone like this and try to avoid them. At least I do.

Others believe life is a banquet, a long unending buffet. The glass half empty group look at these people with envy. Those attending the life banquet however seem to naturally fall into a “good life”. From their perspective, they get exactly what they believe they see, abundance.

Fairly recently, scientists were debating over the nature of light and one group wanted to prove that it was made of particles (photons) and another group believed that light was a wave. Each group set out to prove that the other was wrong.

One group of scientists did prove that light was the result of tiny particles. Then, an a amazing thing happened, the other group of scientists that set out to prove that light behaved like a wave, were also corr…

How to Quit Smoking:

Write down what propelled you to make a decision to quit smoking.

S= Set a stop date

T = Tell family and friends your plan

A = Anticipate and plan for the challenges you'll face while quitting

R = Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, work and car.

T = Talk to your doctor about getting help

Most smokers seem more interested in why they started smoking as if this is the key to the answer, “Why do I continue to smoke.” It is not. Smoking is a habit. It’s a lethal one. Nicotine spreads its effect on the central nervous system upsetting the entire body system.

Very Important: Before you quit, write down the times you smoke, where you are when you smoke, time of day, what is happening, and what you are feeling. This road map will help you in the first six months of your journey.

Equally important is to have a doctors appointment scheduled within the first two days of non-smoking. He or she will not only help you, but also guide you in a future course of actio…

If you're gonna smoke.....

Where are your life targets?

This is from Daily Kabbalah and it's a metaphor worth sharing:

"Imagine throwing a football with no intention of where you want it to go, or how fast. Even the best pro quarterbacks would fail with such a handicap. In fact, the best players prepare to throw a ball by first visualizing hitting the target.

Where are your life targets?

Today, see yourself hitting the mark in one of the desired areas in your life. "

Physical Activity Plummets After Age 45

By: June Chen, MD

Tools: More

Physical activity levels drop more quickly after the age of 45 years, particularly in men, according to a new study published in the October 26, 2009 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine. The results of this study also showed that regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy body mass index, and not smoking were associated with better fitness levels and cardiovascular health.

The U.S. population is aging and, unfortunately, becoming more overweight and less active. Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) declines with age and is influenced by lifestyle factors, such as the level of physical activity. Low CRF levels increase the risk of disease and interfere with the ability of older adults to function independently.

Researchers from the University of Houston in Texas and their colleagues studied 3429 women and 16,889 men, aged 20 to 96 years. Study measurements included body mass index, self-reported aerobic physical activity, smoking habits, and CRF. T…

Stop Smoking

Every cigarette is doing you damage. Every time you inhale tobacco smoke condenses in your lungs. 
Even a young heart can have sticky build up on the interior walls of the aorta.  This build up on your vital organ and easily cause a stroke. You can easily die.   Please stop trying to kill yourself. Stop smoking.

Motivation took her then comfort and routine held her down.

February 15th was just like any other day.  She woke up, smelled the rain in the unusually crisp Miami air and put her feet on the wood and started her day. Like I said, it wasn't a special day, it was the day before, Sunday, the 14th that was the magical day.

While out on the usual two mile walk around her wooded neighborhood her ipod blasted, not a pop song but, a book,  "Be Happy".  The author, Robert Holden and his funny, inspiring British accent worked wonders and half way through her walk, she became utterly and uncontrollably inspired.  She was happy in this one life;but, she could happier.  Moving, exercising, listening to his motivation she was juiced!

That evening she went to work on her 30 day plan.  1. Lose 20 lbs. 2. Generate new sales for the business. 3. Get clear on the book idea. 4. Save one thousand dollars.  The plan with each step was posted, each day she followed her tasks in each category some better than others. 

She has 4 days left to reach her …


The Prologue of "Eve" opens with "Belief is not always easy.  Even when you have seen and heard the thing you are supposed to believe in."

If you liked the book, "The Red Tent," you will love "Eve", written by Elissa Elliott.  I've just started reading it; but, I'll finish it tonight.  It's a book that's hard to stop reading once you've started. The plot is full of action and Eve's story makes the reader ponder such issues as free will and their relationship with God. 

The story of Eve is about her role as a wife, mother and a woman before and after her banishment from the garden of Eden.  - Must finish reading.