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The Higher Self

Within your Higher Self is the collective awareness of all that has ever been, all that is, and all that potentially can be-the Oneness. Know thy Higher Self-Dick Sutphen

So how do we come to know this "Higher Self"? Meditation is the key preparation. By meditating we can quiet the mind to where we can hear the subtle voice that lies within. The monkey chatter of the mind drowns out the communication of Spirit.

But meditation alone is not enough. We need to reach out to Spirit within ourselves. We ask for Divine protection and call out to our guides, masters and angels for assistance. From there it's a matter of shutting up the mind and trusting what comes to us.

It may be voice. It may be vision. It may be in our gut. It doesn't matter how it comes, it's trusting that wisdom that comes from within that matters. Once we make contact, we can strengthen it through continued practice and thus build the trust that effective use of this process requires. Being able to qu…

Signs Are Everywhere

I've been reading about synchronicity. Do I have to write the obvious? You have this one covered, right? We think we do but, we ignore the signs even when they are obvious. Signs are different than synchronicity but they may lead us to events that shape our our destiny. They can be life altering and most of the time they are easy to spot. When a friend says, "Did you see that?" and your response is, "See what?" Start keeping your eyes open, see the signs, they are right there. If you miss the first few, the creator will make the next ones more obvious.

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you all had a nice long Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed the first day of the Mercury Retrograde.......Yep, just a heads up, Monday the 26th was not just Memorial Day, it was the start of a Mercury Retrograde. Remember, it is a great time to re- "anything", renovate, re-decorate, re-invent, re-unite,re-distribute,re-join,re-write,recreate, you get the idea. It is also a good time to find lost articles that you might have lost during the last retrograde. I lost a favorite earring and mysteriously, it showed up on the following retrograde. So, if you lose something, don't stress too much. You will probably find it in a few months.

Things having to do with electronics can go haywire during this time and I'm not just talking about your Mac! Your car, your microwave, anything that has a computer chip in it can act up. (My power went out while typing this!) Depending on your sign and your particular chart, some retrogrades are worse than others. This one may not bother…


We have to reach out and help. By coming into this realization you will lift yourself even higher in every way imaginable. Once you completely realize this fact for yourself then you must teach it to others either through actions, thoughts or by voice. You will be then in harmony with your higher self and with the highest octave.


Friday was a good day for learning..... I had two "ah ha" moments and both were about energy.
First, I witnessed a Kenesiologist use his skill to show how the human body recognizes energy in an object held in the hand of the subject. If the energy recognized was good for the body the subjects arm would be able to be held up with ease and if the energy in the object was bad for the body, the subjects arm would easily fall down with a slight tap from the Kenesiologist. I had been told about similar events happening with doctors who determine if their patients are allergic to one food or another by holding the food and doing the same energy test. I thought it was bunk. Modern day snake oil medicine peddled by con artists. I was wrong. It is all about the energy. Everything is "IT". That "IT" is what we call energy. It can neither be created or destroyed and it can not hide and it can not lie.

The next "ah ha" moment about energy was at a Reiki healin…

It's Your Choice

The way you think about yourself is your choice. It's your choice to think, "I don't have the right stuff. I am old. I am tired. I am just a number." It is also your choice to think, "I am amazing! I am just getting started. I am better every day! I am unique." In 1908 in his prelude, to "In Tune With The Infinite", Ralph Waldo Trine wrote, "The optimist is right. The pessimist is right. The one differs from the other as the light from the dark. Yet both are right. Each is right from his own particular point of view, and this point of view is the determining factor in the life of each. It determines as to whether it is a life of power or of impotence, of peace or of pain, of success or of failure." It's your choice, to see the light or to see the darkness. Look at yourself with wisdom or with ignorance. It was, is and will always be your choice.

Turn your world upside down

It could be the call you never expected to get in the middle of the night, perhaps a knock at your door, or the way a friend said something, maybe it was a song you heard or an amazing kiss, a book that you couldn't put down, a place, a look, or a day. It takes just one second to turn your world upside down.

And what a wonderful world it is. There are the zany, hysterical, touching, deep and the sad times;but, they are the tautness that holds our web together. We are one. We are thought, emotion, sensation, intelligence and that higher octave found when we get turned upside down. Bottoms Up!

Love is Prayer

"You pray to what you love; for true, whole prayer is nothing but love."-St. Augustine

And this is so true, for God is Love, the unifying force of the whole universe. In true prayer we are love, filled with love, and thus at one with God. It matters not what we call God or what we claim as our creed, when we pray from the bottom of our heart , we align ourselves with unconditional love.

And by extension, as we express unconditional love to those around us, we align ourselves with the presence of God. As we love others we acknowledge the Divine nature within them. Thus our daily lives can become a prayer in motion. As a wise man once said,"Inflame thyself with prayer"!
Let's make our lives on earth a spiritual bonfire today.

What is Learning?

"The process of learning is often more important than what is being learned"

How many times have we struggled with learning something and gave up in disgust? Or did we struggle seeming without end and persevered to the finish? Or maybe we learned something and in retrospect realized we never used it.

The process of learning always provides important lessons in and of itself. In choosing to learn something we discover our interests. If we do not persevere and give up we experience our limitations, and upon deeper reflection perhaps find where we limit ourselves. If we do persevere we learn the value of persistence and thus build our character,

If we do learn a skill well we find our strengths. And in learning something we develop our capacity for more learning. In collecting these experiences we can experience a great truth: "There is no failure, only feedback"

Dr Evil Stole My Mojo

Do you ever feel like Austin Powers, a little low on mojo?
It's not about sex. It's about zest, zeal, zip and the "just do it" stuff. In Bob Decker's blog he writes about failure and the fear of taking action. He wrote: "How many times do we have all the resources we need create success and fail to take action? That's what "failure" represents. It's not that we are inadequately equipped to face the task at hand, it's that we allow self-doubt to interfere in the process."

That's something that we all have struggled with at one time or another, taking action. In my own life, I can relate as the outcome focused, driven business woman of the past, the current person is very different. Maybe it's age. The eyesight and hearing isn't as sharp as it used to be. Maybe it's hormones. Dr Evil give the mojo back! Could it really be gone? Self doubt has hit the bottom of the mojo bottle; the last drip of it has been sucked …

Change yourself, Change your World.

"There is nothing you can say or do to change another person. People will change only when they are ready. The only people we have the power to change is ourselves.When we change ourselves, however,we often find that the change we desired happens in others as well"
Open Your Mind, Open Your Life.

This is because we are at one with all things. Peoples attitudes are projections of our thoughts and expectations. What they do to or for us is karmic in nature. Once we have learned the lesson that person has to teach us, they will either disappear or seem to change altogether.

I was bullied a great deal as a child. I had low self-esteem and really did not want to associate with others. It's been a long hard road, but I no longer attract rude, insensitive, or cruel people into my life. I have raised my self-esteem and my vibration to where I no longer need their teachings.

Try to remember that if someone has a quality or way about themselves that really "gets under your skin&q…

Freedom or Security?

"Consider carefully before trading freedom, challenge, and growth opportunities for comfort and security"-Dick Sutphen

This month marks my third anniversary of following my bliss as a full time Tarot reader and hypnotist. I worked for years as a telemarketer, and at times a customer service rep, for some of the largest corporations in the world.

There was always enough to pay the bills, but I felt desperate inside for a change. The work became so routine, and being stuck inside on a beautiful day was often so constricting.

I dreamed of working maybe just four hours a day and doing metaphysical activity the rest of the time. At one point I was doing exactly that. I had a part-time job at a mortgage company. The hours were four hours a day, four days a week.

I was living my dream, or was I? I really was tired of the whole telemarketing thing, but didn't know how to get off the merry-go-round. Then an opportunity came along.

The owner of a store wanted me to read on weekends. Sh…

What results?

The result is not the point; it is the effort to improve ourselves that is valuable. There is no end to this practice.-Shunryu Suzuki-Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.

It's hard to see the results of meditation and other psycho-spiritual practice because we are the results. Every thought, deed, and emotion is affected by this practice, so that over time we become transformed, though usually we are the last to know it. There is no end to the practice as there is no end to ourselves-we are eternal spiritual beings who can never fully realize the depths of human experience,

Donald Duck is my friend.

Have you ever had someone say something mean to you? Do you carry inside your head a voice that criticizes you no matter what you do? Parents, spouses, lovers, bosses,anyone we have close association with can wound us with words.

Here's how we overcome it. This technique is from NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). It won't remove the memory of what was said, but it will definitely take the sting out of the words. It doesn't matter whether it is from long ago, face to face or over the phone.

Close your eyes and hear the person saying these unpleasant things to you. Note the emotional response this calls up inside you. Then let go of it.

Play the mental tape again, except this time hear them saying the same words in Donald Duck's voice. If you're like most of my clients, you'll find yourself giggling almost uncontrollably.

Let go of this and play original tape again. You should feel an immediate difference inside. If the trauma is especially severe, you may need to …

Diamond On The Soles Of My Shoes

Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo created, 'Graceland', one of the most enjoyable albums of all time. It is true feel-good, colorful, and magical music. If you got 6:49 take a gander...these guys really know how to take the stage.

"People say I'm crazy,
I've got diamonds on the soles of my shoes.
Well, that's just one way to lose these walking blues."

Feeling Incomplete?

"When you are jealous, you feel incomplete and believe that only by having what you desire can you be complete. This is a false assumption."

The idea that we would be happy if we were someone else, or at least had what they had can be extremely hard to root out and overcome. At best it reflects a lack of self-esteem, at it's worst it represents a complete lack of understanding and faith of who we are in the Universe.

And God knows I suffered from this for a long time. I remember as a teenager I would be truly happy if I were Elton John. If only I had his money and popularity, I would have everything I needed. It's ironic that at the time I was idolizing him, he was later by his own accounts, contemplating suicide!

In high school I never felt I fit in, I was socially inferior to everyone around me. They seemed somehow fundamentally different than me and that I could never fit in.

As long as we define ourselves in relation to what others have or appear to have, we can nev…

Is It Possible?

Waking from my slumber, I find myself thinking about experiencing this existence without the belief in God, The Infinite, The Source, or “It” and this thought today has thrown me into an emotional abyss. One man says that he is an agnostic because he would not be so ignorant or naive to believe that he a human has the brain capability to prove or disprove the existence of a higher power or God. He is a very persuasive man with words that encouraged my mind to go numb. I soaked up the discourse like a thirsty hiker, throwing down a cold pitcher of beer at the end of a long journey.

Why do I choose to believe in a higher power when I can not prove its existence? The answer is not important. What is important is how life is enriched by the belief in a higher power even if it is an enigma. I ask you, how many Mothers have prayed to a higher power and found comfort in their son or daughter coming home safe? How many soldiers have prayed to a higher power for safety and for forgiveness? How …