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So, I'm not gonna lie

"So, I'm not gonna lie", I said, followed by, "I'm really hungry." I'd been talking on the phone with "O" my diet buddy. My other diet buddy, the one I live with had a lunch meeting today and the thought of him eating was simply too painful. Every time I let myself think about it I imagined him eating some big crunchy, salad bursting with flavorful dried cranberries, nuts, seeds, sprouts, carrots, eggs, cheese, and blackened ocean life, it make me so hungry that I felt queasy and jealous.

You see I'm doing this two day fast followed by a 5 day meal replacement with protein shakes and one lunch and a few almonds each day. I started down this familiar path on Sunday, just five days ago. I must say, the program is working. I've really been cleaning my pipes and I lost seven pounds already. So, I can't lie, get it? I'm not full of crap anymore. I've had tons of energy as well. I've made it to the gym three times, rollerbla…