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We Are Stardust, We Are Golden

Well maybe it is just the time of year
Or maybe its the time of man
I dont know who l am
But you know life is for learning
We are stardust
We are golden
And weve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden

- Joni Mitchell

Follow the link...I truly believe I was there the summer of '69.

You'll get it.

Let's push away the Spanish Moss, clear the obstacles and go back to an earlier blog submission where I referred to the Cosmic Catalogue. I wrote, something like, just as you place an order at a restaurant you must place your order with the cosmos. You say what you want, let it go and then expect to get it. Just like you do at a restaurant. On this fine topic, it is clear that I still have a little work to do.
The Universe has a funny funny funny sick sense of humor. Here's my story. I put an order in for a check to come to me from out of the blue, totally unexpected by May 1st 2008, a Fifty thousand dollar check I might add. I asked that no one be harmed or hurt but just send the check.

About 2 weeks ago I picked up my mail and there was an envelop addressed to me. I opened it and inside the envelope was another envelop addressed to my husband. I figured it was originally addressed to me so I could open his too. I did. There was a check in the grand amount of are you ready? …

How "it" Happened

This morning was different. Startled, I woke in my bed to see all the lights on in the room. The shower was running in the bathroom and the digital clock on my nightstand glowed with the green numbers, 7,4, and 5.
"My God; he's late!" I jumped out of bed to meet my naked husband entering the bathroom nervously muttering, "I'm really late." I asked him what time he had to leave and he replied, 8 o'clock. "Can I still go with you?" I asked. "You'll need to be ready to leave in ten minutes," he replied with punctuation. Pushing toward the sink, I brushed my teeth, flossed, splashed my face with cold water, ran a brush through my hair, swooshed on deodorant, dabbed moisturizer on my face and slathered oil on my legs. Zipping back to the bedroom, drawers magically flew open; I jumped feet first into underwear then hooked a bra efficiently in place. Next conquering the closet I zoned in and pounced on a nicely pressed pair of black pan…

Teachers are everywhere

For over ten years, almost every morning I jogged a two and a half mile loop. Over five years ago when I stopped jogging and started walking, my shallow silent mantras were, "gotta go gotta go, gotta get everything done NOW" and "Hyper, happy, do it my way, Miami Momma coming through." I passed a lot of people and I always said a loud, cheerful "Good Morning!" Most said, an exuberant "Good Morning!" back. However, when the other person did not reciprocate, I would get frustrated. Sometimes, I would turn after passing them and angrily say, " I said, Good Morning!" At the very least, I would stew about it throughout my walk and then tell co-workers at my office all about the rude people I encountered that morning. Day after day, it happened as if the same day was repeating over and over.

One particular woman and her elementary school age son comes to mind. She was Indian and I thought it was her custom not to say, "Good morni…

The Stars

"Every Man and Every Woman is a Star"
All of us are Stars. Everyone has the light of the Divine Essence shining within them. Our fear-based emotions, our clinging to the past and fearing the future, our alienation from who we really are keeps us in dark about our true nature.

And as we discover who and what we really are we stay to our own orbit-we don't collide with other Stars. Everything runs as it should, everything is smooth and pure. It's when we lose track of what we're about that things can be truly rough for us.

You Can be Happy No Matter What

You Can be Happy No Matter What by Richard Carlson Posted by: DailyOM

"All that you achieve and all that you fail to achieve is the direct result of your own thoughts."
-James Allen

Human beings are thinking creatures. Every moment of every day, our minds are working to make sense out of what we see and experience. While this may seem obvious, it is one of the least understood principles in our psychological makeup. Yet understanding the nature of thought is the foundation to living a fully functional and happy life.

For more on this Daily OM just click on the title and you will go to the Daily Om site.

Free Assistant!

Our prayers have been answered! I stumbled upon a site that offers to contact all those junk mail catalogue companies on our behalf for FREE! Catalog launched it's site last October and they are a true service company. Imagine how many hours we spend on the phone and the trips to the post office mailing letters to those pesky companies telling them to stop sending their catalogues! Wow. Sign up, it's like hiring an assistant for free. There is another company that claims that they will reduce your junk mail by up to 90% but they charge $15; it's All those catalogues are a waste of our natural resources and annoying. Let's get clicking and hire our free assistant. Post any other free services you have found on the net and share the wealth today!

Full Moon April 20th- Plant seeds of Change

Moon Rituals have been around since man first looked up at the night sky, felt his inner rhythms, and sensed all of nature in tune with each changing phase. Then along came some genius who promoted the industrial and technological advancement of our human existence and now we have trends as mundane as urban sprawl that prohibit us from seeing the full night sky. Not only have we lost touch with nature and the moon, but as a culture, we have come to dislike and fear nature. It's true. We opt for walking in air conditioned shopping malls, lift weights in air conditioned fitness clubs and meet friends for dinner in air conditioned restaurants. We could meet after work to take a walk in a park or on a near by beach. Sure, there are those who do and there are those who try to do. Most don't. Some may complain that they live in a challenging climate where it is extremely cold or extremely hot. And it's not just the adults that are opposed to going outside. Children and teens gra…

The Law of Attraction at work

Upon finishing my morning speed walk, I looked over to see my neighbor bending down in her driveway, picking up her newspaper. Something on the front page must have caught her fancy. She smiled and smacked the paper in her hand. Then, she looked over at me and saw me watching her. With a wave of her hand my way she said, "Good morning!" I said, " Good morning and don't we seem seem happy this morning!" She said, "Ah the Universe sent me a little reward. Just a simple little smile, you know, a nod, a tip of the hat to let me know I was on to something in my blog". I made a funny face because I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she went on to say, " In my blog from Monday of this week, I wrote that I had a psychic fashion tip that driving gloves will soon be the rage." Now she was crossing the street and coming toward me. Holding out the paper she said, "Look at the upper right hand corner."........ And there on the fron…

The Awakening

Mama, advise me. Guide me. I want to be made ready

Baby girl, you sound ready to me.
Keep you're eyes on the prize of peace.
Don't pardon me while I preach.
As you move into the awakening...
Bring the noise, daughter.
It's past time for you and your generation to put this universal chaos in order.
Now, the future is up to you.
So what are you and your brothers and sisters going to do?

Follow the link "The Awakening" to go to the video to see more of Ursula Rucker and 4Hero. Yah dig?

The Secret

The Secret

It seemed in the past that as I was getting ready to leave for an appointment, dinner engagement, or some other social occasion, time seemed to be on fast-forward. As I prepared myself for my departure, all sorts of interruptions occurred; phone calls, an unexpected visitor, or unrelated questions from my husband. I am a prompt person and these interruptions put pressure on me during these times. I felt rushed, anxious, nervous, and out of sorts, and yes, I was usually late.

After reading excerpts from, The Secret, I realized that all I needed to do was to take three or four slow breaths and while doing this, say to myself, “ I will have all the time I need.” It is magic. Each time I have done this, time seems to have slowed, or even stopped. I no longer feel pressure, the interruptions continue to occur, but I have no problem now, because I believe I will have the right amount of time to be on time.

Magical Living

The card above is The Magus. It is attributed astrologically to Mercury. In the traditional decks it is called the Magician.

Mercury governs things like communication, healing, magick,computers. When it comes up in a reading I usually tell the client that it looks like they're striving to develop their talents and self-actualize.

And the reason I would say this is we are all Magicians: we create our own reality continually out of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions. We can do this consciously or not consciously.

And here lies the problem: most people are not aware of their Divine creative nature, they wander through life bewildered, feeling like victims. This isn't because we are inherently bad. It's because we are filled with fear based emotions, fear being an acronym for False Education Appearing to be Real.

As we strip away fears and get in touch with our true selves only good things can happen for us. Let's make up our minds to have a good day.

My Psychic Fashion Trend

Upon waking this morning, I had an urge to don my red driving gloves and take a ride. The only thing is, I have no leather driving gloves. Ah, and that is how it happens. Today's revelation is, gloves will soon be the rage! One single thought starts the trend. Just go get your gloves and take a ride and keep them on! Wear them while shopping and when some one looks, you can just smile and know that you are a fashion trend setter. If you aren't into gloves, then how about a poodle skirt? That will be back too. You can count on it. Don't just limit yourself to fashion. Have a little fun; what trend can you start today?

I am not Vegan... I want to be.

When you travel through or stay awhile in St. Augustine, Florida you must, must, must have lunch at The Present Moment Cafe. I am not Vegan. I am barely a healthy eater. My daughter who attends college in St. Augustine made me go! (Let me re-phrase this...................... ONE OF MY DAUGHTERS who attends college in St. Augustine made me go!) I am now happy to say that I have been to the Present Moment Cafe many times and I live over 4 hours away!! The cafĂ© is so relaxing; the smell of the mint tea is in the air and the people who work there are knowledgeable and kind. The food is a must do experience! They make their everything from scratch! There is so much care that goes into the preparation and serving of every dish and drink that your body will love you for this delightful experience. The "burger" is oh My God so yummy with the onions and sauce. The hummus is the freshest; the "smoothies" are addictive! The condiments, Agave Nectar and the pink salt from the …
Bob Decker said...
And this is so true. My teacher, Dick Sutphen, is fond of saying that we are beings of unconditional light and love, but it's buried under delusional fear based thinking. When we strip away the fear we can be what we really are: spiritual beings having a human experience.
April 11, 2008 10:56 PM

Pap's reply:
Spiritual beings having a human experience. Yes. When I was younger, much younger, I wrote about daily experiences in the body clouding my crystal. Now, in this time, my crystal is getting clearer. It will take more time, it is not an instant fix, at least not for me yet. However, something interesting happens when you meditate on a consistent basis. When we are paying attention to everyday human interactions, from the spirit being that we are-- it is not that the human experiences and interactions are less intense or less challenging, it is just as if there is a list of choices. For me there is a window and on that window, I see the choices clearly an…

St. Patty's Day Meditation

The message that came to me today, over and over was to watch what I write and what I say because words hold so much power. Our words can build or destroy.

On this special day, take a moment and meditate on the thought behind your word, better yet, meditate on the feeling behind the thought. When the words do come, let them be genuine and a reflection of your feelings. I leave you with nine words.
"May the luck of the Irish be with you!"

Happiness is a state of mind

Deepak Chopra, writes that one needs to study Dharma. The word sounded familiar but, the definition had escaped this mind. states that “Dharma” means “protection”. By practising Buddha’s teachings we protect our self from suffering and problems. All the problems we experience during daily life originate in ignorance, and the method for eliminating ignorance is to practice Dharma by finding happiness within. Inner peace.

"It is time we sought happiness from a different source. Happiness is a state of mind, so the real source of happiness must lie within the mind, not in external conditions. If our mind is pure and peaceful we shall be happy, regardless of our external circumstances, but if it is impure and unpeaceful we can never be truly happy, no matter how hard we try to change our external conditions. We could change our home or our partner countless times, but until we change our restless, discontented mind we shall never find true happiness."


Sweeter than honey!

Agave Nectar and Honey

Madhava Agave Nectar is a wonderful 100% natural sweetener from the agave plant. It's organic, kosher and vegan. This nectar is harvested from rooted plants. When the plant is near the end of its life cycle it puts up an amazing flower stock, sometimes as high as 15 feet. This flower stock is removed from the plant and a bowl shaped cavity is formed in the place of the stock. As much as 8 quarts a day are harvested from the plant for up to six months.

Both agave nectar and honey are pure and delicious alternatives to sugar. They are sweeter than sugar and have a lower glycemic index, meaning if you are a diabetic, this is better for you! Agave nectar has the added benefit of a long shelf-life (approximately two years) without refrigeration or crystallizing. Use agave nectar in teas and lemonade. You may also use agave nectar as a sugar substitute for cooking and baking. Use 2/3 cup of agave nectar in place of a cup of sugar. When using the agave nectar for bak…

zen even in traffic

this was from today's daily om....

Zen Commute
Discovering Ourselves in Traffic

No one wants to be angry with a fellow human being who is lost or
confused, but if we get stuck driving behind one, we may find
ourselves feeling wildly, uncharacteristically impatient. It is our
earnest goal to have compassion and love for other people, but when
one of them cuts us off, we feel personally offended, angry, and hurt.
The good news is that by experiencing these difficult emotions, we
have the opportunity to see ourselves and change our approach. In that
light, being stuck in traffic can become a vital part of our spiritual

Sages of all faiths agree that the current moment is the only thing
that really exists. The past and future are equally irrelevant in the
presence of the now. Therefore, at the deepest level, there is nowhere
to go, because the only place we need to be is here, now. Just
reminding ourselves of this in the midst of traffic can be
extraordinarily helpful. The Zen mantra "N…

The fear of Change

"The fear of change" The following are some pictures I captured in Ecuador a few months ago. Please cast your vote on the comment tab (in purple) below and let me know which is your favorite, least favorite and why. Thanks for your comment (s).

Brain fog in Volcanic Waters




Purposeful pace

Purposeful Pace

Native Son




Going to town


Window Shopping with young eyes


Road Home


Concrete Falls

Concrete Falls

The real organic


Butterfly girl

"Butterfly girl"

Sony World Photography Amateur Photo Contest

Lets do it! By January of 2009 submit your photo for review. Check out the rules of the contest and the photos on the link (see below, "links to this post"). All you amateur photographers, here's your chance to have a little fun. Yes, the 2008 winner will be chosen by the end of this month;but, you almost have an entire year to get to work on your award winning photograph for the next contest in 2009.

The next time you utter "I want" Stop yourself and first say, "I'm grateful"...

"A woman displaced from her home looks out over a camp for internally displaced people. Fifteen months ago, when the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia came to Mogadishu, backed by thousands of Ethiopian troops, it was widely hailed as the best chance in years to end Somalia's ceaseless cycles of war, chaos and suffering. This week, amid renewed fighting, a top government official said, "I feel this slipping away."" In The New York Times this week. The next time you utter "I want...." Stop yourself and say, "I'm grateful". What you see in the picture are many displaced people who live in cardboard huts. "Aid organizations say that more than half of Mogadishu's estimated one million people are on the run."
Photo: Jehad Nga for The New York Times

Be a Lightworker today............ send a loving thought.

In The New York Times today. "In Madena Hospital in central Mogadishu earlier this week, gunshot victims had to wait for treatment. Many Somalis say Mogadishu is more capriciously violent than it has ever been, with roadside bombs, militias shelling each other across neighborhoods, doctors getting shot in the head and 10-year-olds hurling grenades. Police officials say that many insurgents are actually hungry children paid a few dollars for their work." Photo: Jehad Nga for The New York Times

Keys to Happiness

1. Be aware of your body. Happiness has a picture, a physical stance, a look. What do you look like when you are happy? What is your body doing? Are you moving? Are you standing tall with your chest out? Is the big opening on the lower part of your face curving and open showing off the pearly whites? Are your arms crossed over your chest or are they open? If you are having trouble with this, look at someone who is happy and mirror them. You can't help but start to feel happy. Look for happy people.
2. Meditate. Silence is golden. Have you heard of that one? It's true. Just be quiet for a few minutes, be still, look around, listen and be present. Your true happiness lies in the silence within. Observe and be quiet. Meditate every single day of your life. It really works miracles.
3. Know yourself. Have total knowledge of yourself. Recently, I read that all these middle aged people are praying to live until 100 but they don't know who they are, what they want to do or how they…

How to live longer

1. Keep tight family bonds
2. Keep weight under control
3. Eat a balanced diet
4. Be Positive and laugh
5. Exercise
6. Get a pet :heart attack patients with pets live 28% longer than those who didn't have a pet.
7. Stop smoking
8. Get involved, help someone
9. Think young. It's all in your mind
10. add your suggestions ......................

Run Fatboy Run

Since I saw Liam post a movie, I figure I should as well.
Run Fatboy Run is hysterical and sappy at the same time.
The ending isn't exactly what you'll expect but the performances by the actors (Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz!!) are terrific.
A must see.

You're always right!

Energy follows thought and the entire universe is mental. Wherever we direct our intention, our thought, is where our energies are going to flow. As soon as we make up our minds about something, we are going to justify that decision.
Have you ever looked a doing something and immediately said "that's too hard, I'll never be able to do that"? Or have you ever made up to do something other people said was impossible and proved them wrong
In the past I've gotten it into my head I couldn't do something, whether it was using a particular hand tool or handling a certain type of social situation. And lo and behold, I couldn't do it! Nowadays I find myself being able to do more and more things I never thought I could do. It's not that my abilities have suddenly grown stronger or something just shifted in the environment. I decided to change my mind about things. I'm less inclined to just give up and more inclined to look at what I used to see as pr…

New Synodic Month

Huh? The time from one new moon to the next is called a synodic month. This weekend there is a group of us performing a new moon ceromony.... wooo weee wooo wee.... but, in honor of science, I invited a lady who has a detailed moon site to expound on the upcoming new moon for you. Cross your fingers that she posts to the "Happy? Tag you're it!" blog. I just asked her via email, so who knows how much she checks it or how much fan mail she gets. She definitely is an expert on the subject. For all of you who have moon rocks for brains or moon rocks on the brain, you need to check out her data at:
Way cool for you earthlings.

Did You Know?

We use these abbreviations every day, do you know what they mean?
I didn't. The abbreviations A.M. and P. M. represent Latin phrases which mean before and after midday. They have been in use in the the English language since the 17th Century.
A.M. is short for: Ante Meridiem (before midday) before noon.
P.M. is short for: Post Meridiem (after midday) after noon.

Is the future already written?

Yes in general it is. The details you create will set you on a path (your thoughts are behind the details you create and your ego most likely is behind your thoughts);thus, in general the future outcome is predictable or the future is already written. If you are of the nature to change the details often or to not have clarity of thought, then it is predictable that the future would be unpredictable and unclear. If you are of the nature to be aware of your ego and aware of your thoughts then, either way, you get exactly what you think about and yes, your life is already written. What do you think?

Cosmic Supply Catalogue

If you don't have one, get one.
You can't buy it.
No one can give you one.
You can't give one to someone else.
When used correctly, it is a powerful tool.

It works kind of like this: When you go to a restaurant,
the waiter comes and you place your order.
You have no doubt that the order will come to you.
You don't tell the waiter again and again what you ordered.
You don't follow the waiter into the kitchen to see if he gave the chef the order.
You place your order and then it comes to you. That's how it works.
You have no doubt and no fear.
That is exactly how the Cosmic Supply Catalogue works.
More on Friday's blog.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

a must see movie...the reason we go to the movies...its ALOT of fun !!!

Jay zoo Christo!!!

Off the diet for a very good reason. Last night my husband and I were entertaining a gent from somewhere in Florida and rumor had it that he was a big guy with a sweet tooth. I bellied up to our granite kitchen counter and started making my famous chocolate chip cookies for desert. If our business deal hadn't closed by the time the main course was served then my cookies would take care of things.

Back to baking basics...... Barely reachable, up high on the top spice shelf I pushed the bottles of hot sauce, toothpicks, kosher salt and stray bags of NutraSweet out of the way. Eureka! I found the bottle of vanilla that my mother-in-law, Bea gave me last month while we were visiting in Ecuador (our visit took place when Quito was having record cold and rain-that's another story). I vaguely remembered Bea saying not to use the full amount that U.S. recipes called for because the stuff was the real deal, no imitation watered down U.S. vanilla. The bottle read, "EsenciadeVainill…

Reading for the sake of reading.

For all you readers.
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.
(Christopher Moore)
It is hysterical.
Go now! Go. :D


To exercise my writing muscle, help, learn, keep in touch and to let others know that they are not the only nut out there.

When she heard Jane say, "Yahh."

What makes you so happy? She asked the 30'ish, perky, up beat, post orgasmic sounding woman.
"What other option do I have?" Kelly replied.
"Well, what ever you are doing or eating, I want some.
You are too darn happy." snipped the woman on the other end of the phone.
Kelly's voice raised, placing emphasis on "seriously", as she spoke,
"Seriously, you want to know my secret?"
Jane, the other woman, relented. The tone, pitch and vibe behind her one sound response let Kelly know that the conversation had turned from early morning corporate pleasantries to her kind of interaction, deep, meaningful, and potentially life altering. Jane breathed like she had just inhaled a drag and blew a long tunnel of smoke out like she was trying to be cool, "Yahh".
The two went back and forth in a heady conversation with periods of intense silence that swelled with wonder , releasing an understanding that spilled and splashed energy that transformed to p…