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Each morning we wake to a low hum, that drives us.The hum is felt in the belly, the heart and in our head. It's the connection to “it.” When you are in tune with the infinite life force, you are in the flow of all creation.Creativity, inspiration, balance, love, and connection come without effort.There are more of you than you can imagine-the connected ones.I implore you to take action in the direction of your dreams. Do it now.

She Has Moxie and He Has Grit

Dottie, Don and Crabby Cakes Just as the sun came up over the ficus hedge at the Olympic size pool, Crabby Cakes was bellowing to her water fitness junkies.

“Engage your hamstrings!” Her booming voice found its way to Don who was chatting in the deep end.

“I’m afraid my hamstrings are already in a committed relationship,” he countered.

From the side of the pool deck she shrieked. “Don’t you dare try that! I know for a fact, the only relationship your hamstrings are committed to is with the couch!”