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What Do You Think?

Today's card is The Sun. This life giving orb represents success, optimism,vitality, and spiritual freedom.

This is one of my favorite cards. It's just so bright and vibrant. And besides, I've been an optimist most of my life.

And optimism has served me well. Things usually go well in my life. And the times that were really dark had a silver lining, so to speak. There was always a good lesson or something better came to me for going through a particular difficulty or challenge.

I actively cultivated this when I was younger. In my teen years I was avidly reading Norman Vincent Peale (do any of you remember The Power of Positive Thinking?). I was also reading success oriented books that stressed visualization and belief in positive results. And I was a Christian fundamentalist at the time!

Now as a magician I have a deeper understanding of why this works: The Universe is Mental. Everything manifests as I imagine it in my mind. Energy follows thought. It coalesces around my thoug…

Answer to question for Bob

This video was a live capture direct to YouTube the day of the Inaugeration. Solaris is a dear friend and experienced astrologer.I ask in this video her take on the effects of the Mercury retrograde, among other things. Her answers are most insightful.

A Question for Bob

Hi Bob,
You seem to know quite a bit about Mercury Retrogrades. We are in the midst of one right now and Mr. Obama has signed contracts and has just taken the oath of office. Please assure me that President Obama will last in office and that just because he moved into the White House during a Mercury doesn't mean his stay will be cut short.


Blogging is fairly new to me. I am not sure I even do it like I should. I've been posting my comments, thougths, and sometimes the events of the day and most of the time I see responses in my personal email in box. This leads me to believe that it is not an easy process to leave a comment here on this site. Then again, perhaps there is another reason why not too many of you write comments or write a page once in awhile.

To those of you who have taken the time to flex your creative mind and tap out your thoughts, as well as shared a personal part of yourself with all who come here and read, thank you. Sharing what you write is difficult to do. Prior to writing this blog, I rarely ever shared anything that I ever wrote with anyone, except for the obligatory "Thank you" note. And that really doesn't count. A few years ago I wrote a long letter to a relative and they wrote back stating that I should write for a living. Needless to say, my ego was fed and it di…

Why does it hurt so much?

Today's card is the Knight of Cups. He is attributed to the sign of Cancer, he even has the Crab of Cancer in his cup. Cups represent the element of Water. Water pertains to the emotions, spirituality,as well as our sense of life's course.

As I look at the card I get the sense that there's a need to put our emotions on the line. Sharing our feelings with others around us is important today. The nature of Cancer is to be sensitive, and to quite a degree, psychically in tune with others.

And this sensitivity can be very painful. I remember as a teenager being so sensitive I would cry at a sad poem or story being read in a class. This drew the derision of the kids around me, which hurt even more.

I've stuffed feelings most of my life. I still do it now, I just tend to do it to a lesser degree than in the past. I credit this to the work I've done with hypnotherapy and magick. Digging into the depths of one's spirit will definitely either get one in touch with hidden e…

"Money is evil"

Today's card is the Ten of Disks. Entitled "Wealth", the card is attributed to Mercury in Virgo.

Readers have called this the "Wall Street card". It certainly represents a powerful combination of forces. Mercury, which rules commerce and communications, among other things, is in the Sign which it rules, Virgo. Virgo is a mutable (changeable) Earth sign that signifies careful planning and attention to detail, two things that usually are important to success. Disks represent the element of Earth, while the number ten is associated with earthly manifestation in the Qabalah.

Is this a good day to go buy some lottery tickets? Hmmm...,maybe. It's better so say this is a day where the seeds we have planted in the past can now deliver their harvest. We just have to claim it.

And how do we do that? Anything that we have been applying ourselves to can bear fruit. Now of course this does not have to be financial. This could be any creative endeavor we have been working o…

Today Om wrote........"A Seperate Reality"

Like many of you, I am on the receiving end of 'daily' emailed messages. 'Daily Om' is one of my favorites. Usually I scan over the email looking for key phrases to see if the entire page is worth the full read and this morning it was. It is about being disconnected from the Universe. I kept reading because I wasn't sure I agreed with the author that one could become disconnected. As I read on, I realized exactly where the author was going a gave them a thumbs up. The numb feeling, the everything is a blur sensation, the autopilot feeling is the disconnect. The solution to the disconnect problem is the best part of the article, the author wrote: 'You may also want to make a list of the activities and kinds of experiences that touch your soul. Try to pinpoint the times when you have felt fully engaged and aware and ask yourself what you were doing.' I might have added, do it. Do it now.
Frankly, I know there are a lot of numb people, and as the author sugges…

Bob's Blazing Tarot Blog-1/07/09

I enjoy video blogging a great deal. Some people call it vlogging, some call it vidcasting. Whatever you want to call it, it's a lot of fun. If it wasn't , yours truly wouldn't be doing it.

I love the Tarot. In my opinion, it's an excellent medium for communicating spiritual truths, as well as a means of addressing the mundane concerns of those around me. And as much as I enjoy making audio files for hypnosis, an audio file just doesn't do justice to visual medium such as the Tarot. Hence my passion for video blogging.

The last couple of times I posted one of these here I used my video from Myspace or Youtube and embedded the player in the blog. As I'm writing this I've uploaded my video file directly to Blogger. I'm eager to see how this turns out.

I'm going to be posting video here on a very regular basis along with some written blogs. Any and all feedback is welcome in the comments section.