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Just Smile

My Mother told me to smile. The simple act of smiling would make my day better she said. She also said that smiling would make a huge impact on the people I came in contact with. This is a short post. I could say,"Just do it" but,"Just smile" is more to the point.

What makes you happy?

I love happiness. I want to know more so I signed up for an eight week online course with Dr. Robert Holden the author of "Be Happy". It is week three and the awareness is bringing "happiness" to greater levels in my life. I thought I would share some of the material with you.

When you wake tomorrow morning,on a scale of 1-10 decide how happy you will be. What would you like to be today? What would you like to give? What would you like to receive? What is the real work of your life? What is it that you want to work for? What is it that you want to do. As you think about the "more" that you really really want to be; what are the qualities that you would like to bring forth? What are the talents and strengths that you would surrender to and say yes to? What is the real "more" that you would like to be and give? If you were a better receiver what would you most like to receive, accept and enjoy? What would make you happier?

Bio-computers running on auto-pilot

What do you think about the idea that our brains are a bio computer? And further, our bio computer is simply an image within a dream or a hologram and we think it runs the wake state and the sleep state we experience…. We think that this bio computer runs all states of consciousness and unconsciousness; but, does it?

Our minds learn and remember data through stories…. Nothing wrong with stories just believing that they are real is all part of the “dream”. Have you ever had a day where you woke up, moved through your morning routine, “zoned-out” while commuting to work, then after arriving at work your bio computer aka your brain set itself on auto-pilot because it’s got your job down….Then you drive home, run errands, then finish off your day the same way you did the evening prior, you ate then perhaps after taxiing the kids to their events you then zone out in front of the television. Then you fell asleep just to download your earlier monotonous day where you were disconnected. And th…

A dream

A few nights ago, I had a prophetic dream. Yes, I know that sounds like a bright ego label but, it's the only way I can describe the dream. The dreamer was reading some material on a technical device which read, "In the year 2026 there will be absolute interplanetary communication which will alter the way life on Earth communicates. It went on to say that the news will be MINDBLOWING. The reader was focused on the word "mindblowing". It was written as one word instead of two and it was written in capital letters. In the dream, I was the reader. The definition of mind-blowing is, " affecting the mind or mood or other mental processes." When I woke and crossed through to the waking dream state, what I clearly came back with was the knowledge that by 2026, we will have the tools to communicate clearly in a way that is impossible to most humans now.