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The Freedom of the Sun

Today's card is The Sun. The Sun rules success, vitality,health, and gives an overall sense of optimism.

Notice the figures in the card dancing joyously. They are reveling in the dance of life. Nothing weighs them down. They are free.

This freedom is our birthright. Only we can imprison ourselves. We are naturally free.

We deny our freedom with fears of the future, fears of what others may think,say, or do. We imprison ourselves with low self-esteem, lack of trust or a sense of unworthiness.

Today is the day to be free. What would freedom mean to you? Reflect upon this and look at what you have already. You may be freer than you think. If you're not, what's holding you back. Looking at this honestly is the key to your prison.

Free to be grateful

I know it sounds corny, but I have a lot to grateful for. I have a loving, supportive life partner who is always there for me. I live in a paid for home in a nice neighborhood. We have a small lake in our backyard and a half mile down the road is a bigger lake with a jogging trail. I go there everyday and enjoy the natural beauty that awaits me. There's kingfishers, egrets, ducks, all sorts of trees and greenery.

I work in my field of choice helping others and getting paid good money to do it. Sure it has it's slow times, I was getting kind of grumpy earlier this week because nothing much has been happening and I spent a lot of money in Las Vegas in October...hey, I actually got to go on vacation with the love of my life and some of her family. I spent some money I don't have and went out and bought some video equipment to blog with and make promotional videos. With that and my vacation I'm a little in the hole. But so what? There's people in a really bad way financ…

Bob's Blazing Blog-12/7/08

Bob's Blazing Tarot Blog from bob decker on Vimeo.

I'm getting more and more into doing videos-my latest obsession. I'm getting a lot of Magician/Mercury energy in my readings lately. A lot of transformative energy is in the air as well as an abundance of creativity. I'm going to be doing some writing as well. Right now I'm enthused about my video projects. I hope you enjoy my latest creation.