Three Things I Learned Before the Sun Came up Over the Ficus Hedge

1. The proper way to wear a rash guard is skin tight. 
A few years ago Ellie who was probably born under the Roosevelt administration, was new to the adult swim group.  She noticed several of the attendees wore long sleeved shirts in the water.  Her question was logical  and it most definitely had a logical answer. "Excuse me dear, where do I find those shirts everybody's wearing and what size do you think I'll need?" she said to Terri the instructor. Ellie waited in the water next to the twenty other people she had just met.  Terri bellowed, "Go to Ron Jon and tell the sales clerk that you need a rash guard and tell her it needs to fit like a condom.  She'll tell you what size you need."
2. New people to the class don't get special treatment. 
3. The more often you attend the morning water class, the more your personal flotation device will shrink and your rash guard will stretch out.


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