Notes from the middle of the night

I don’t want to be asleep any longer. I love living. It’s something that you can’t fake. I know who I am. I know what I believe. And that’s all I need to know. I’m like the alchemist; I can create anything I want to create.  I want the world to be better because I was here. If I’m not making someone else’s experience better-then, why am I here?

Believe it.  Embrace the idea you have, whatever that may be. Our thoughts, feelings, our dreams and ideas are real. Commit to something.

Now it’s alive.  It is real. The patterns in the Universe have shifted the moment the choice was made. Once a decision is made focus with everything you’ve got.

Biophotons communicate in the cells in our body. The power of decision is powerful and achievement will gather around.  If the mind is consciously aware of the source of the field then the thought will be shot forth with tremendous force and accomplishment.  The power of thought depends on where it comes from.

I can read your thoughts.  I can plant my thoughts in your brain.  My dreams are my dreams until they are your dreams.  Read the book, “The Field,” by Lynne McTaggart.  Science has proven since the 50’s that what I am writing is true. I can look at a painting and think of you while you lie there sleeping and you will dream of the painting.  I know when you are going to call. I feel your pain.  I tap into the wealth mind and so it is. This is Universal law.  I sleep with my dog lying next to me. I dream of running with him.  My dream is real and my lifeless body sleeping next to his is connected.  His paws shake and push forward and back, dreaming of running too. Live your life as if we are all one. It’s time. It’s time to wake up to our unified reality. 
This came to me when I was jumping out of a plane.  The moment before I pushed off the solid metal I gazed on the arch of the Earth below and jumped, tumbling into the translucent sea of empty space that screamed my name telling me I was whole. There is but one Earth, one atmosphere, one galaxy, one Universe and one Source.  I plunged into the deep oneness welcoming the utter bliss of being alive. Every cell, red, white, every porous bone, lean tendon, fibrous lungs, flowing follicles, thin lining, and every bit of my humanness shook back to the remembering of my birth when the first cold air sucked in shocking my senses to life. I woke again.


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